Juanes' 'Mas Futuro Que Pasado' Is an Experimental Journey Through Latin American Music

Omar Cruz


The set includes collaborations with the new wave of artists such as Christian Nodal, Sebastian Yatra and Alessia Cara.

Juanes released his eight studio album Mas Futuro Que Pasado on Friday (Nov. 22) via Universal Music Latin. The release comes on the heels of the Colombian artist being recognized as the Latin Recording Academy’s 2019 Person of the Year. 

“It’s the perfect combination of my story in the past, the present and the urge to want to project myself in the future, hopes, the desire to live and to make music,” Juanes tells Billboard of his new album.

The 13-track set includes previously-released singles such as “Pa Dentro” and “Bonita,” which gave fans a taste of Juanes’ new experimental sound without the need of changing his Latin alternative essence.

“I took a journey through cumbia, vallenato, and guasca (traditional folk music from Antioquia) with my authentic base, elements of electric guitar, reggae, rock,” he says. “I gave myself the opportunity to work with new artists that come from totally different genres and was able to create something new. I’ve very happy. I feel that it’s a feel-good album, very bright.” 

Collaborating with artists such as Crudo Means Raw, Sebastian Yatra, Christian Nodal, Alessia Cara, and more, Mas Futuro Que Pasado not only oozes versatility but sheds light on the new wave of artists changing the game. 

“The creative process in the recording studio was different,” Juanes, who’s used to working by himself, adds. “Each artist worked in their area and I thought that was very cool. Working as a team is very important.” 

The biggest life lesson Juanes takes from the young talents? Being spontaneous. 

“It’s easy to have that freshness and spontaneity at the early stage of your career, but when the years go by and you have many, many songs, the spontaneity is increasingly difficult to find. That was a very nice lesson.”

For Juanes, the one song that he can describe as a key element in his production is the title track. Not only because of its inspirational lyrics but because of its melodies. “I like it because it's not your typical cumbia,” he says. “It has other pop-rock chords. I like to experiment and bring new elements where it’s not usual.”

Looking back at almost 20 years ago when he first released his debut solo album Fijate Bien in 2000 to now, Juanes admits that he’s in awe. “It seems like it was yesterday,” he says. “I made that album when I was in a dark moment of my life. I recorded the demos in a Tascam recorded of four channels. Then I met Gustavo Santaolalla and everything changed. I feel nothing but gratitude for all of these moments in my career,” he concludes. 

Stream and listen to Mas Futuro Que Pasado below.