5 Things To Know About Bad Gyal, the Artist Giving Dancehall a Catalan Twist

Bad Gyal
Alberto Van Stokkum

Bad Gyal 

With her unique flow, refreshing voice and music innovations, Bad Gyal is giving dancehall and urban music her own twist.

Her work is best heard in the recent single “Alocao,” where she teams up with Spanish artist Omar Montes, a song that has been taking over Spain.

“Alocao” is a song about a man and a woman who are crazy about each other but they are aware that getting together is not good news. The official music video currently has over 16 million views on YouTube.

As the song continues to make the rounds, check out five things to know about Bad Gyal below.

Who is Bad Gyal?

Bad Gyal’s real name is Alba Farelo and she’s originally from Vilassar de Mar, Catalonia in Spain. She was born in 1997. 

Her Sound

Bad Gyal is a Catalana artist that rises from the underground urban, alternative scene in Spain known for her catchy dancehall fusions. She draws inspiration from a number of global dance-culture moments, from dancehall in Jamaica to Panamanian reggaeton.

She's a Viral Sensation

She rose to prominence after her cover of Rihanna's "Work" went viral in 2016. Farelo's rendition, titled "Pai," adapted the lyrics in a blend of Catalan, Spanish and English.

Inking a Deal

In April, Billboard exclusively announced that Bad Gyal signed a worldwide exclusive recording deal with Aftercluv, the dance and global cultures division of UMLE and Interscope.

She's Taking Her Music Worldwide

With a trajectory that spans less than five years, Bad Gyal has already performed in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America. She formed part of the Lollapalooza lineups in Chile and Argentina as well as the Barcelona Beach Festival in Spain. She’s also confirmed to perform at the 2020 EstereoPicnic in Colombia.