Latin Remix of the Week: Georgel, Esteman, & Raymix's 'El Noa Noa' Feat. Celso Piña

Georgel, Esteman & Raymix, "El Noa Noa" (Remix) ft. Celso Piña, Mexican Institute Of Sound
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Georgel, Esteman & Raymix, "El Noa Noa" (Remix) ft. Celso Piña, Mexican Institute Of Sound

Three years after Juan Gabriel’s death on Aug. 28, Georgel and Esteman not only revamped a timeless ‘80s hit, but also marked the first time they collaborated together as two openly gay Latin artists. Now, they’re making the rounds with a remix that includes Raymix and Celso Piña.

Paying homage to the late Divo de Juarez, the Mexican and Colombian artists gave “El Noa Noa” a new electro-cumbia twist and sent a message of equality with its music video. “I wanted to celebrate Juanga with ‘Noa Noa,’ but at the same time, it sends a message of equality and liberty. With this song, we want to send the message that there's a place for everyone in this world,” Georgel previously told Billboard

Almost two months after its release, Raymix jumped on the track, bringing his synth and tropical melodies onboard along with his sweet vocals. The remix also features a 20-second solo by late Mexican cumbia star and accordionist Celso Piña.

The retro-futuristic music video, produced by Autumn Leave Films, captures a group of people -- and aliens -- enjoying the song. Georgel, Esteman and Raymix are also seen busting a move or two during Piña’s solo. 

The three artists performed the song live for the first time at the 2019 Latin American Music Awards last week, where Raymix won favorite regional Mexican album for Oye Mujer. During his acceptance speech, Raymix called out the lack of support for new artists. 

“As a producer, music is going through difficult times. It’s good for some but bad for others,” he said. “It sucks that people are making music and don’t trend, that people don’t want to play them on the radio or playlists. It’s sad to see so many artists with few views and making beautiful music. From engineer to engineer, I respectfully ask you to give opportunities to new artists to grow and be discovered. Maybe they're not trending but they can make good music.” 

Watch this week’s Latin Remix of the Week below: