Sofia Reyes Talks Taking a Different Approach During Her Latin AMAs Performances

The Mexican Latin pop singer known her up-tempo songs talks about why she's going for a more "emotional" sound during her two showcases.

Sofia Reyes tells Billboard that performing more "emotional" music at the Latin AMAs instead of her traditional up-tempo songs felt like the right move.

The Mexican pop singer walked the red carpet in a white dress with black hearts and said that she was thrilled to be performing for the first time with Beret as the pair sang "Lo Siento."

"It's a very emotional time during the show and I'm performing "R.I.P." as well," adds Sofia on the song, which was released earlier this year with assists from Rita Ora and Anitta. "This is a different version for the show and the stage is incredible."

See the video of Reyes' Latin AMAs interview above.