Rosalía Reveals Her Dream Collaboration: Watch

During her Billboard cover shoot, Rosalía took some time to play “Fishing For Answers,” as she chatted about who her biggest style icons are, which rapper she would love to one day collaborate with, and what it was like working with Penélope Cruz in Pedro Almodovar’s latest film.

Selecting questions from a fish bowl, Rosalía is prompted to reveal who her first celebrity crush was, which she sheepishly confesses is Frank Ocean. “I love his music. He's amazing,” she explains.

Asked who her style icon is, the singer names Lola Flores. “She was amazing back in the day,” says Rosalía, adding that she loves the way Flores dressed and she loves her attitude.

Rosalía also notes that she admires flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya. “I loved her. She used to wear masculine clothes in a moment no other women [were] dancing in masculine clothes. She used to dance amazing, with a lot of strength,” she shares. “Camarón also, with his rings, his tattoos.”

Posed with the question of who she would like to collaborate with on her next album, Rosalía hints that there will be a surprise guest on it, replying, “I'm not gonna tell you. It's supposed to be a surprise, so I won't say.”

But she does admit that she really wants to work with Kanye West one day. “I would love to write with him, produce with him, make music with him,” she says. “It would be such a dream. I love him.”

In the interview, Rosalía also opens up about working with Penélope Cruz in Pedro Almodovar’s new movie Dolor y Gloria (Pain and Glory). In it, Rosalía and Cruz sing Lola Flores’ song a “A Tu Vera” together, while washing laundry by the river.

“It was funny that we had to sing all together,” recalls Rosalía. “Penelope was asking me to rehearse together, to sing before the scene. We were beside the river singing…I remember they were asking, ‘Come on come on, show us how you do it.’ And we started laughing. It was very funny. It was a great moment.”

You can watch the full video above to learn even more about Rosalía, including what her guilty pleasure foods are, what her favorite dance move is, and much more.

Cover'd With Rosalía | Billboard