Juan Luis Guerra Talks Childhood in the Dominican Republic, Biggest Obstacles & More in 'Growing Up Latino'

Juan Luis Guerra has officially taken the "Growing Up Latino" seat to talk all things the Dominican Republic, from his childhood memories to the song that best describes his country. 

“I remember, musically, when my brothers would take me records of The Beatles,” he recalls on this week’s episode. “When artistic personalities would go to the Independent Theater that was practically next door to my house. I think those were the most impressive music moments.” He adds: “When my dad would take records with Latin American music from the countries he would visit. Those are the things I most remember.” 

Guerra’s biggest pleasures include his passion for music, his family, and sharing quality time with friends back home. “There are a lot of things that fill me but reading the Bible is the main one.” 

A true family man, the “Kitipun” singer says he misses his family, dog and patio the most when he’s on tour. As for overcoming obstacles in his prolific career, Guerra simply states: “There are many obstacles that appear, but if you have your eyes set on the goal, then you move on.”

His very own “Canto a la Patria” is the song that best describes his love for his country. As for being a Latin artist, Guerra says he loves the way his music is received by the public and a privilege that they can sing his songs. “It’s how my song used to say when he was little, ‘My dad is everyone’s friend.’ Love makes friends with everyone.” 

Watch Juan Luis Guerra’s full “Growing Up Latino” video above.