Erika Ender Receives Philanthropy Award From Ismael Cala Foundation

Erika Ender
Courtesy of Dream Team Agency

Erika Ender arrives to recieve the Ismael Cala Foundation's philanthropy award.

Panamanian artist Erika Ender has received Ismael Cala Foundation’s philanthropy award, Billboard has learned.

Ender, who is the president of Fundación Puertas Abiertas (Open Doors Foundation) and creator of the Talenpro project, received the recognition on Saturday at Gala Fifty in Miami, which celebrated Ismael Cala Foundation's first 50 months of work.

"[Erika Ender] has created an exponential platform for young talents, interweaving entertainment and culture with efforts to promote the social welfare of others,” says Ismael Cala. “She is an example of an artist with a sense of social responsibility, involved in managing solutions for Panamanians and providing an example for the Americans overall."

In its 50 months of activity, 6,359 young people from 13 countries in Latin America and the United States have benefited from the foundation's programs, which seek to develop their potential and enhance their well-being and social development.

During the event, funds were raised to strengthen the foundation’s programs and contribute to the education and social transformation of children, adolescents and young adults.


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