'Growing Up Latino': Deorro's Depiction Of Mexican Street Food Will Make You Hungry

Deorro is the latest artist to take the “Growing Up Latino” hot seat, where he sat down to talk about his Mexican culture and inspiring other Latinos. 

Talking all things street food, the Los Angeles-based DJ didn’t shy away from gushing over burritos and L.A. hot dogs. Plus, his favorite telenovela crush growing up was Luz Clarita and his Latin role models included Mexican singer Pedro Fernandez and his father. 

“I never realized that we were struggling and I think that means my parents did an amazing job,” Deorro recalls of his childhood. “I was really young when we were getting kicked out of the house and I didn’t realize how serious the situation was.” 

When asked about his favorite place to visit in Mexico, Deorro mentioned Mexico City, because he’s been there many times, and Guadalajara. “I’ve been to Guadalajara twice and till this day, it’s one of the top three loudest places I’ve ever played at. It’s so loud, I can’t even hear the music,” he described the crowd. 

As for being a Latino DJ in the EDM world, Deorro says his mission is to inspire and encourage other Latinos. “I have the opportunities to open the doors. I feel like lots of Latinos are lacking hope, so they need to see something is possible. When it comes to me doing this, it’s bigger than me and seeing other people happy makes me happy,” he says, adding he wants to encourage others to pour our culture into other worlds like Electronic Dance Music. 

Watch the entire episode above.