Viva Friday Playlist: New Music by Juanes With Sebastián Yatra, Piso 21 & Christian Nodal & More

Juanes, Sebastián Yatra Bonita
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Juanes and Sebastián Yatra, "Bonita"

Viva Friday is a compilation of the best new songs, albums and videos recommended by Billboard Latin editors.

This week on the Viva Friday playlist, we've got Juanes with Sebastián Yatra’s “Bonita,” Piso 21 and Christian Nodal with “Pa’ Olvidarme de Ella,” plus Akon’s new Spanish-language track “Como No” with Becky G and more.

"Bonita" - Juanes & Sebastián Yatra

Juanes and Sebastián Yatra’s "Bonita" joins two generations of singers whose purpose is to keep romantic songs alive. In this song, the Colombian stars mix Latin pop-rock with vallenato, plus a very light reggaeton beat as background. The lyrics of "Bonita" simply highlight the beauty of women, as Juanes and Yatra always do. The song was released with a colorful music video in which Juanes and Yatra perform the song at a women-only coffeehouse show. Watch the clip below. -- SUZETTE FERNANDEZ

“Como No” - Akon & Becky G

Akon keeps honoring the Latin culture. This time, he joins Becky G for "Como No,” a Spanish-language track that highlights the Afro-Caribbean sound and blends it with urban rhythms. In the song, Akon is crazy in love with the beauty of a Latin woman who also likes him. And to highlight his passion for the Latin culture, the Anglo singer filmed the video in the streets of Miami, where he took advantage of the diversity of cultures that bring life to the clip. -- SF

“Susana” - The Mariachi Ghost

The octet releases another belter from upcoming sophomore album Puro Dolor. “Susana” is a genre-bending tune bursting with classic rock pulsations and traditional Mexican music that grapples with the ingratitude and traps of life. The strident solo guitar by Rafael Reyes pairs well with lead singer Jorge Requena’s operatic vocals, flanked by the vintage sound of Tim Friesen on the horn. The tune is a cry of despair, ecstasy and madness: “Pedro sal de ahí, la culebra te saldrá, las cosas que hacen los hombres en la oscuridad” (Pedro get out of there, the snake will come out, the things that men do in the dark). -- PAMELA BUSTIOS

"Pa' Olvidame de Ella" - Piso 21 & Christian Nodal 

Leave it to Piso 21 to prove that a fusion between pop-urban and regional Mexican music is not only possible but quite the mix. After dropping features with Myke Towers and Black Eyed Peas, the Colombian group premieres "Pa' Olvidarme de Ella" in collaboration with Christian Nodal. The four-minute track has the best of both worlds, perfectly melding Latin trap and ranchera. Yes, they did that! In the song, Piso and Nodal sing about a girl who did them wrong and are trying everything possible to forget about her. The music video, filmed entirely in black-and-white, was inspired by crime movies from the 1950s, showing the boys and a male actor drinking the night away -- and even getting buried alive -- to forget about their exes. Watch it below. -- JESSICA ROIZ

“Será" - Chetes

Accompanied by Zoe's Rodrigo Guardiola on the drums and Plastilina Mosh's Alejandro Rosso on the Rhodes piano, Chetes presents "Será," an enchanting melody that brings to the forefront his Latin alternative rock essence with flairs of 1960s rock-pop, a la The Beatles. With lyrics such as "could it be that all I need is the light of your eyes?" and "could it be that what I feel is real?," the Mexican rock musician highlights many of his personal doubts. On Instagram, Chetes expressed that "Será" is one of his favorite songs from his new album. Listen and stream below. -- JR