Karol G, The Riveras, Becky G & More Talk Splurging and Cravings in New 'Growing Up Latino' Episode: Watch

In a special episode of Billboard’s “Growing Up Latino,” a wave of Latin artists took to the hot seat to open up about their ultimate indulgence, what they splurge on the most, and their cravings when they are on the road. 

When asked about their ultimate indulgence, Colombian singer Fonseca did not hesitate to say michelada (a mix of beer and tomato juice). Tainy admits he loves chocolate, even if it gives him zits “like crazy.” Karol G, on the other hand, says she loves all types of food: “I’m a chubby girl on the inside and I love eating. I can’t stop eating.” 

Beatriz Luengo splurges on red lipstick the most, admitting she has all shades and would even dedicate her life to being a lipstick tester. Pipe Bueno said he splurges on clothes because as an artist, he needs to be on top of the latest fads. “A really fun car, lots of bags, and shoes,” Sofia Reyes says. Regulo Caro, on the other hand, says he spends the most money on his wife and two daughters, and collecting toys.  

As for what do they crave or miss the most when they’re on the road? For Becky G, it's aguachile. “They don’t make it the same as they do in L.A., so I struggle to find it,” she adds. El Alfa says his kids. Luis Coronel says his mother’s warm hugs because they make him feel comfortable and at peace. Gerardo Ortiz misses the food back home and his family. The Riveras all agree on tacos al pastor, and Juan Luis Guerra said he misses his family, dog, and backyard mostly.

Watch the fun episode above