Latin Artist on the Rise: Meet Cazzu, The Queen of Argentine Trap

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Cazzu attends Premios Juventud 2019 at Watsco Center on July 18, 2019 in Coral Gables, Fla.

Argentine artist Cazzu was put on our radar after she was spotted sharing the stage with Bad Bunny in concert and also for her fiery verse on Dalex’s “Pa Mi (Remix).”

Despite this being her first official year making waves in the Latin music industry, Cazzu (real name: Julieta Cazzucheli) has been an underground gem for nearly 10 years. “I tried out many genres,” she says to Billboard of her start in music. “It’s a long road but I can happily tell you that I was able to take advantage of every experience and everything that came out bad.” 

Cazzu’s passion for music goes back to her roots. “My dad plays the guitar and sings. He’s the first image I have when it comes to music,” she says, admitting that everything she knows today is because of him. “I never studied music or took singing lessons. Music was greatly appreciated in my house and we consumed all types of music.” 

Today, she’s dubbed the Queen of Argentine Trap, bringing to the forefront the trap movement in Argentina alongside artists such as Duko, Khea and C.R.O. Although artists such as Tini and Lali are strongly representing female artists in the South American country, Cazzu is one of the few women in the male-dominated trap scene. She’s a self-proclaimed emo girl who traps about love, heartbreak and second chances, as heard in her single “Visto a las 00:00.” 

In addition to taking the stage at 2019 Lollapalooza Argentina, she debuted her studio album Error 93, under Rimas Entertainment, showcasing her sweet vocals and experimental sound. 

“I sat down with my producer and we listened to lots of albums,” she says of the album’s creative process. “One of the albums we most listened to was Halsey’s Badlands. I love being able to fuse some of the sounds that she uses to create urban music. Jeremih is another artist whose flow and way of singing and composing music I try to incorporate,” she says, adding, “I’m simply trying to create what’s essentially in my brain.” 

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Name: Julieta Cazzucheli, aka Cazzu

Age: 25

Major Accomplishment: “My music being able to be heard outside of my home country, really. Being heard in Argentina is a huge achievement for me, but the fact that other artists and people in Puerto Rico know who I am, that means a lot to me.” Cazzu is part of Dalex’s “Pa Mi (Remix),” which peaked at No. 35 on the Hot Latin Songs May 5-dated chart. 

Recommended Song: “'Mentiste' from my album. It’s a song that I really like, but in reality, I recommend them all!"

What’s Next: “I never stop experimenting. The idea is to continue playing with other genres and be the first ones in doing it. I also have some features with artists who I admire a lot coming.”