Banda Los Recoditos Unveil New Album 'Perfecta': Listen To 5 Essential Tracks

Banda Los Recoditos
Daniel Millán Quintero

Banda Los Recoditos

Banda Los Recoditos is celebrating 30 years together with the release of their new studio album Perfecta, which became available Friday (July 12).

Perfecta also marks the first album released with their newest frontman, Rafael Gonzalez, after Luis Angel Franco left the group to embark on his solo career. 

Home to 10 fresh tracks, including their already released singles “Perfecta,” “El Cigarrito” and “Una Peda con el Viejo,” the set shows a new side to Los Recoditos, who incorporate some playful tropical rhythms into their Regional Mexican sound.

Joining in on their celebration of three decades in the music biz, Billboard highlights five essential tracks from Perfecta below.


In March, Los Recoditos presented their new single and music video for “Perfecta” (Perfect). With romantic lyrics such as, “Your beauty is so much, that I stay speechless,” the Regional Mexican song pays homage to all women. The music video also delivers an empowering message about the perfect girl, putting aside the “beauty standards” we see on social media. The Mexican group nabbed their fifth No. 1 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Songs chart dated July 13.

“Elejiste un Error”

Track No. 3 on the album, titled “Elejiste un Error” (You Picked a Mistake), is a soulful banda song about a man who is trying to convince the love of his life that she made the wrong decision when picking her boyfriend over him and regardless, they are having an affair. “He takes you by your hand but I take you in my heart. You didn’t pick the right man, you picked the mistake,” belt out the lyrics.

“De Oreja a Oreja”

Keeping their party-starting essence to the beat of Regional Mexican fun, Los Recoditos flirt with new rhythms in “De Oreja a Oreja” (From Ear to Ear). The song, which is about a couple who enjoys being unfaithful, incorporates many tropical melodies including cumbia and hints of salsa.

“Pedacito de Mi Vida”

The album is not all about being in love with another person if you’re in a relationship. Perfecta is also home to romantic lyrics as heard in “Pedacito de mi Vida” (Piece of my Life). With sweet lyrics such as, “You take me to the moon with each and every one of your kisses,” and, “You’re the dream I always wanted,” this track was made for your loved one.

“El Cigarrito”

In the midst of songs about love, confidence, birthdays, and infidelity, there’s “El Cigarrito” (The Little Cigarette), a song about a man who finds comfort in smoking a cig to get over his ex. Alongside “Perfecta” and “Una Peda con el Viejo,” this song is one of the singles released in 2019 ahead of their album release.