Ednita Nazario Will March As Official 'Madrina' at NYC World Pride

John Parra/Getty Images
Ednita Nazario arrives to support Kany Garcia showcase Contra El Viento at Palapa Upper Buena Vista on May 8, 2019 in Miami.

Puerto Rican singer and activist Ednita Nazario will march Sunday (June 30) at NYC World Pride event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Stonewall as the official “madrina,” or godmother, of Oasis Latino LGBTS Wellness Center.       

In addition, on the eve of her participation at World Pride NYC, Nazario received a proclamation by the City Speaker’s office and NYC’s LGBTQ caucus recognizing her efforts in creating awareness for LGBTQ+ rights.     


“A wonderful artist, an exceptional human being, and a powerful messenger to remove stigma that impacts our LGBTQ+ communities. Ednita is a true champion” stated Guillermo Chacon, president of the Latino Commission on AIDS and founder of the Hispanic Health Network.  

“[There is] a definite need for more voices such as Ednita Nazario’s to reach Zero Homophobia and Zero Transphobia in our communities.”   

“Gracias, gracias. Excited, honored and happy with this recognition at Oasis Latino LGBTS Wellness Center!” Nazario posted on Instagram. “Happy to be the Latina madrina of Fantasy Of Colors. This Sunday at noon, I invite you to march with mi and this beautiful community.”   

Nazario, a dynamic performer with strong ties to New York -- she played the female lead in the musical The Capeman -- has a long history advocacy and messaging for the rights of LGBTQ+ communities in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin America.