Ozuna & Anuel AA Send a Clear Message in New Song 'Cambio': Watch the Video

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Ozuna and Anuel AA, "Cambio"

Separately, Ozuna and Anuel AA have gone through difficult situations, giving them good reason to join forces and work on a new song called "Cambio," released Tuesday afternoon (June 25).

The new single is divided into two parts. First, it starts as a trap song in which Ozuna and Anuel send a clear message through a lyric that talks about the people from the past who approach them because they have fame and money. But suddenly, the song takes an unexpected turn and becomes a danceable reggaeton tune that leaves behind all drama and describes how they enjoy life.

"It's always a pleasure to work with my bro, Anuel," Ozuna tells Billboard. "Cambio was born from our personal experiences and today we turn it into music for all our fans."

“Cambio” was released alongside a music video, which shows both artists surrounded by cars, planes and boats.

Watch the “Cambio” video below.