Judge Orders Three Years Probation for Farruko

Juan Hernandez


A judge has ordered three years of probation for urban singer Farruko, Associated Press reports.

It has been a long journey for the urban singer (born Carlos Efren Reyes Rosado), who on April 2, 2018 was arrested at the Isla Grande airport after he was found with more than $50,000 in his suitcases and shoes. At the time, he was flying from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico and reported that he did not have more than $10,000 on the immigration sheet.

On Thursday (June 13) his legal case came to an end. The judge has ordered three years’ probation after asking the federal court to change his plea from not guilty to guilty on charges of lying to federal authorities. The judge also ordered the seizure of $41,000 of that money.

On Wednesday (June 12), the federal prosecutor asked 16 months in jail as sentence.

After the judge’s sentence, Farruko reacted on Instagram "I can only say that I learned from this and made me stronger. In life you have to become a man and be responsible for your actions."