Jennifer Lopez's 'It's My Party' Tour Delivers Mightily (And Daughter Emme Rocks It)

No one can escape the brilliant, multisensory adrenaline rush of J. Lo's unforgettable birthday bash abundant in music, dance, pyrotechnics and other surprises.

Jennifer Lopez is celebrating her 50th birthday in grand style with her It's My Party World Tour.

She is the epitome of youthful and athletic beauty, the boss of her own entertainment empire and a nurturing soul with a tireless career trajectory. The child who grew up in the Bronx dreaming of big things has become (and stayed) an icon with admirers around the world.

Friday night (June 7), as the lights dimmed at the Forum in Inglewood, Calif., and a packed venue filled the air with a unified roar of anticipation from people of many cultures, ages and every imaginable color, it was more than evident that Lopez -- who most affectionately refer to as J. Lo -- has reached a celebrated pinnacle rarely achieved in entertainment within multiple platforms, from music to dancing and acting and producing, among many other areas. A tour of this magnitude is only possible with a unique, evolutionary career run from a beloved figure like Lopez, a modern-day renaissance woman.   

After a successful Las Vegas residency with her All I Have show, Lopez has introduced the It's My Party Tour as a creator, producer and creative director along with her longtime manager Benny Medina. Together, with show directors Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo (the choreography team also known as Nappytabs), Lopez is taking the tour to more than 30 cities across the U.S. this summer, completing the North American portion with several shows in Miami on July 25, 26 and 27.

It's My Party is a gracious and supersized fête that has all that dazzle, glitz and bravura that only Lopez can dream up. Here's some of that magic that J. Lo brings to the stage:

This Is Your Life: Before J. Lo appears on stage, you see images of her as a child with family and growing up in the Bronx. You hear the subway train approaching and see Lopez standing tall and strong on a subway platform. "I was just a dancer in New York and I was trying to make it," Lopez is heard saying during the video. You see Lopez go from Fly Girl to actress (Selena) to earning her top Billboard chart accomplishments. But matters of the heart also reign, as seen photos of Lopez with Marc Anthony and her children, as well as challenging emotional moments. This may be a concert, but it is full of passion, heart and all that J. Lo charm.

The Chaise: This is generally a family show (even Lopez's daughter has a cameo), but after a male member of the audience is sweetly seduced by J. Lo and two of her female dancers, she takes to a chaise (one of the biggest ever) and she goes for it. She's sensual and sexy, but really ... J.Lo shows us she is stronger than ever, physically fit to work that chaise that highlights her body and moves. Dancers are part of the chaise spectacle, but only women, resulting in a mesmerizing choreographed set.

All She Has: This is a birthday party, and J. Lo and her team do not let you forget that from the moment you walk in. A massive DJ setup gets everyone in the party mood, the World of Dance acts amaze with their stealth and precise formations and J. Lo is the boss who welcomes everyone in special moments when she addresses her fans for all their years of support. Divided into seven musical sections, It's My Party includes musical acts themed around the birthday bash, and onward the show is peppered with a throwback vibe and a funk, Latin and rave/EDM party in addition to an encore that includes a major confetti and massive white balloon drop, only adding to the spectacula show that intensifies with every beat.

Jenny From the Block: Lopez looks glamorous and gorgeous in gowns, whether she's dancing on the stage or hanging from specially-designed sets that keep her hovering above the audience (a must-see), but she knows how to keep the momentum going strong by giving fans music they love. From "Ain't Your Mama" and "El Anillo" to "Let's Get Loud" and "Live It Up," the musical pulse of It's My Party showcases the best of the J. Lo catalog and gets hotter by the step until the final moments of the tight and robust two-hour show.

Proud Mom: It's no surprise that Lopez's children are her pride and joy, so when daughter Emme (whose father is Marc Anthony) showed up to sing "Limitless" with her, it was the high point of the show's emotional arc. Fans applauded as Lopez tried to contain her tears. Emme was a natural as she sang and looked into her mother's eyes. And yes, many in the audience tried to control their tears as well.

J. Lo on Ice: Backstage and behind the scenes, Lopez was celebrated with cake and an ice sculpture with the three famous letters: J. Lo. Inside this venue there was also a wall featuring a timeline of J. Lo's life, from a childhood school photo with Lopez in a ponytail to mark her birth date -- July 24, 1969 -- to her album releases and the two-day debut of It's My Party at the Forum, June 7 to 8. The merchandise on this tour, by Guess, includes T-shirts, caps, fanny packs and a tour book with Lopez modeling, dancing and giving her best glam moments.

The Cake: Lopez's music reigns, the dancing is extraordinary and the huge cake on stage is part of the final act of It's My Party, showcasing J. Lo in full glory. The spectacle moves quickly, and the digital/laser effects are a must-see. Lopez does something awesome as she closes her show: she slips into a glittery black and silver boxer's robe and she owns it. It's as if she's just knocked out the biggest challenger of her life. In many ways, she has. Bravo.