Kane Brown Talks Singing in Spanish With Becky G, Latin Culture & More

Kane Brown
Kwaku Alston

Kane Brown photographed on Oct. 8, 2018 in Malibu, Calif.

Kane Brown never imagined that his first collaboration for the Latin market, "Lost in the Middle of Nowhere" with Becky G, would take him so far.

Even though the song wasn't originally intended to have a Spanish version, Brown couldn't resist the idea of Becky G jumping on the track, resulting in his first entry on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart (No. 13 debut) and his first nomination at Premios Juventud 2019 in the This Is BTS category.

During a recent interview with Billboard, Brown spoke about how his collaboration was born, how he worked out his Spanish lines and what he loves the most about Latin culture.

How did the collaboration with Becky G come along?

Originally, I wrote it with another country artist and we were looking for another artist to jump on it with me. ... She did the English version and killed it, and then, she came with the idea of doing a Spanish version.

How fast did you learn Spanish for the new version?

I had a few days to learn Spanish. It was different. I wrote [the words] down and I pronounced them.

Comparing the two versions, the Spanish one feels more urban. Did you want it to be urban-oriented?

I don’t know. That was the way that the producer did the track. We redid the whole track, and yes, it is far from the English version but it is really cool.

What do you love the most about the Latin culture?

It’s super fun. I grew up around the Latin culture. I love the food -- the food is delicious.

Do you have any other collaborations planned with a Latin artist?

No, there is not any other collaboration, but I am open to it. I would  love to work with more artists who are breaking the market.