Justin Quiles on Why He Named His New Album 'Realidad,' Working With Manuel Turizo & More

Sami Drasin
Justin Quiles photographed on April 24, 2018 at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

With La Promesa, released in 2016, Justin Quiles made it his mission to put himself on the international map. Indeed, songs such as “Si Ella Quisiera” and “Egoista” landed him on the radar. Now, the Puerto Rican singer presents a new chapter in his career with the release of his Realidad album under Warner Music Latina.

The 14-track production is home to some of his latest singles, including “No Quiero Amarte” featuring Zion & Lennox, “Ropa Interior” and “Comerte a Besos” featuring Nicky Jam and Wisin. Quiles, who penned every song on his album, also gets real about topics such as people who live a “fake” life on social media (“Estilo de Vida”) and long-distance relationships (“Turismo”).

Despite living in a world of fusions, Quiles stays true to his pure reggaeton style, dropping some catchy bops that are perfect for un perreo intenso, as heard in the opening title “DJ no pare.”

In celebration of his new set, Billboard caught up with the Latin urban star, who shared some highlights about Realidad.

On naming the album Realidad: “I named it Realidad because my last album is called La Promesa, and now we’re living the reality. With my previous album, I made a promise to fans and now, we’re living it. That’s why I wanted to name it like that. In other words, the promise I made has finally become a reality.”

On writing all the songs for his album: “Obviously, it was a long process. I picked 40 songs that I had and then brought it down to the 10 best. From there, my album was made in addition to four singles that I released earlier this year: ‘Ropa Interior,’ ‘Monstruo,’ ‘No Quiero Amarte’ and ‘Pendiente de Usted.’ I get inspired by things that happen in real life and situations that I feel I need to talk about."

On working with Nicky Jam, Wisin, Zion & Lennox and Manuel Turizo: “These collaborations, such as the one with Nicky, Wisin, Zion & Lennox, they are icons in the music industry and I felt that I needed big artists to add to my song and album. And with Manuel Turizo, I always wanted to work with him. When I see a new artist that has a lot of talent, I like to record with them.”