The Evolution of Daddy Yankee's 'Con Calma' Featuring Snow

Snow and Daddy Yankee
Frank DKO, Getty Images

Snow and Daddy Yankee 

Daddy Yankee has stayed focused while creating hit-after-hit during in the15 years since his first international hit, "Gasolina." And, yes, 15 years is a lot, but how does he keep creating those hits?


To be honest, there’s no formula, but Yankee can totally feel it. The perfect example is his latest song, “Con Calma,” with Canadian rapper Snow which this week holds on to the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs for a fourth week, rising to No. 30 on the Hot 100 chart with the Katy Perry-assisted remix.

So, what’s the story behind the song? To find that out, Billboard reached out to Yankee and producers Play-N-Skillz to find out more about the story and put together the chronological evolution of Yankee’s 2019 hit from the day it was created to right now.

Read it below.

A song is born, early 2017

Play-N-Skillz (PNS): About seven in the morning, after being in the studio all night, I came out with this idea of “Con Calma” and all I had was a drum loop. Maximo Mundial, one my writers, helped come up with some of the concept and he came with the chorus idea.

A month later

Daddy Yankee (DY): I was in Los Angeles performing at the Staples Center. We are about to record another song but they pulled “Con Calma.” I remember I stopped everything and said "change of plans."

Reaching out to Snow

DY: I told Play-N-Skillz that we needed the surprise factor: to have Snow in this version. Remember, that it is a classic and we had to pay tribute to the main author.

PNS: Snow was not on the song at the time, it was all Daddy Yankee, and we were trying to get in touch with Snow to get the song cleared... get his blessing on everything. A guy by the name of Juan Vibras, a guy out of Miami who works with Rich Music, connected us with Snow and played us a version with Snow. Snow ended up doing a verse on it, and we sent it to Yankee, [who] loved it, by the way. Yankee is a big fan of the original song, “Informer.”

The big debate of 2018, Dura vs Con Calma

DY: We had a debate whether to release "Dura" or “Con Calma." “Dura” opened up a new musical horizons and gave me the opportunity to stamp my signature. 

It’s about time, back to “Con Calma”

PNS: We waited for some time, and we went back and forth through email, and changes on the production, the arrangement, what was going to be the perfect way to start the song, you know. Then, by October of 2018, I get a call from Yankee saying that the single is going out in the next couple of months.

The big reveal

On January 24, 2019 Daddy Yankee unveiled “Con Calma” alongside an animated music video. Snow's classic 1992 hit “Informer" was revamped and ready to hit the charts.

“Con Calma” breaks barriers

On March 20, Daddy Yankee became the first-ever Spanish-language performer on The Late Late Show With James Corden

The remix with Katy Perry

DY: The song was already at No. 1,  globally. And, we were looking for the surprise factor. Someone from the urban culture was predictable.

PNS: Charles Chavez connected us with Katy Perry, and I brought the idea to Yankee. We flew from Miami -- like literally it was less than 24 hours’ notice -- to Los Angeles to record with Katy Perry. I sat down with her and we talked about the song. Katy knocked it all out in one night, all the vocals. The rest is history.

American Idol with Katy Perry

On May 19, Yankee and Perry made the television debut of  “Con Calma” remix during the American Idol season finale. 

On Billboard Charts

“Con Calma” jumped 56-34 on the Hot 100 (May 4), the week that the Perry version began counting. This week, it rises to No. 30 and still could go higher.

Hot Latin Songs: “Con Calma” featuring Snow peaked at No. 1 on chart dated May 5. It’s in its fourth week atop the chart.

Latin Airplay: Spent four weeks at No. 1 beginning on March 16.

Latin Rhythm Airplay: Spent six weeks at No. 1 beginning on March 16.

Latin Streaming Songs: Spent three nonconsecutive weeks at No. 1 starting April 6.

Breakdown of spins across all monitored stations in the 5/13-5/19 tracking week:

Katy Perry Remix - 8,173

Original - 4,888 

Spotify, YouTube, and streaming platforms

Peaked No. 1 on Spotify’s Global Top 50 charts

Became the #1 "Most-Streamed Song" on Deezer's Global charts

Spent six consecutive weeks at #1 on YouTube Music’s Global Video charts