Marc Anthony Looks Back at His Career, Talks About How His Twins Are Following His and JLo's Footsteps: Listen

Alan Silfen
Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony dropped his first album in six years titled Opus (Magnus Music/Sony Music Latin) on May 10. In the midst of promoting his new musical production, which is home to singles “Tu Vida en la Mía” and “Parecen Viernes,” the salsa singer sat down with iHeartLatino’s radio host Enrique Santos to talk about fame, his children following his and Jennifer Lopez’s footsteps, and why he would never want to have a documentary series based on his life, among other interesting topics. 

"I asked Emme, 'Why do you sing?' and she said because she 'feels good.' It’s the best response," he said of his daughter after a video of Emme and her mom singing went viral. "I have another video of her at a rehearsal -- it’s incredible. Music was a big part of my life growing up and I hope it does the same for her as it has done for me. And if that is what she wants to do…well…she should do it because she likes it, not because she has to. Not for fame, or popularity, or for likes. That was the response she gave me; it was the correct one."

Anthony also recalled the very first purchase he made with his first big check. "I bought a Rolls Royce, but used…I’m not dumb. But I didn’t have a place to park it. Stupid things you do when you are young."

Talking about his career, he also opened up about his best and worst songs. "It is the last song on my second album ["Vieja Mesa"]. It cost me 45,000 dollars in therapy to forget it. Terrible," Anthony said of his worst song. "The song is good, but the production was terrible. It is the last song on my second album." Picking his best song, however, was difficult. "Aside from Opus, 'Flor Pálida.' It is a pleasure to sing it. It is fulfilling singing that song night after night," he said. 

Known for having some heartfelt tunes with lyrics that hit home, Anthony admitted that the best remedy for a broken heart is time. "It heals in stages: pain, anger, denial, you have to go through the entire process," he said. 

As for making an autobiographical series like Nicky Jam did, Anthony said he would never do it, emphasizing: "Why would I want to relive those moments that caused me so much pain in the past? I don’t think I will write a book or air my dirty laundry, that is why it is better talking to you. I leave those things for my friends or my family. I share those experiences with people that need to hear it and I am good at that. I will not write a book to share my story. Those that need to know my story already know it."

Listen to the entire podcast -- where he also talks about fame, ARod, and his relationship with his father -- below.