Greeicy's Debut Album 'Baila' Is a Tribute to Independence, Romance & Empowerment

Giorgio Del Vecchio


After a successful acting career that lasted nearly 10 years, Greeicy (born Greeicy Yeliana Rendon Ceballos) decided to follow her real passion and began her music career in 2016. Now, the songstress from Cali, Colombia presents her debut studio album Baila.  

“I learned a lot,” she expressed to her 8.4 million followers on Instagram of her first-ever album. “I got to know more about the beautiful and important mystique behind creating music."

Baila, which means “dance” in English, is home to 12 refreshing tracks about love, heartbreak, freedom, and empowerment, including collaborations with Venezuelan singer Nacho and Brazilian superstar Anitta.   

“My music is for both men and women,” she previously told Billboard of her songs. “I love to motivate people to dream and achieve their goals. I don’t want to be seen as the distant artist and that’s why I try to inspire my fans through my music.”  

In celebration of Greeicy’s new production, Billboard recommends the following tracks.   

“Mas Fuerte”

Greeicy opens up her album with “Mas Fuerte,” a track that she released in February 2018 about a woman who realized she’s stronger after going through a toxic relationship. The song sums up the type of content her fans can expect on her album: a lot of songs for strong, independent, fearless, and unapologetic people.   

“Destino” featuring Nacho

Fusing both of their sweet voices and good vibes, Greeicy's collaboration with Nacho is a feel-good track with infectious urban pop melodies. It's about two people who are deeply in love with each other, but are separated by destiny. The end of the music video sends an important message to everyone who lost a loved one: “The destiny of true love, is the connection that not even death can separate.”


Greeicy kicked off 2019 with her single “Ganas,” an infectious bop about a girl who dares to make the first move. The colorful music video shows Greeicy’s sensual dance moves, while the track is a melodious urban/dancehall fusion with catchy drum beats.

“Menos de Ti”

In this reggaeton track with electronic dance influences and Latin trap vibes, the Colombian singer gets real about embracing her self-worth and confidence. “I love that I don’t love you anymore and I want to remind you that I’ve never belonged to anyone, much less to you,” she proudly belts out in the empowering chorus.

“Esta Vez”

Although her album is set to make you dance to track after track, Greeicy takes it down a notch with this Latin pop ballad to close off her dazzling production. With acoustic and electric guitar riffs intertwined, “Esta Vez” is a heartfelt song about a woman who’s made the decision to end a relationship and move on. “I don’t want to continue faking that I’m happy. I’m going to end this today even if you don’t want to. Don’t force me to stay where I don’t want to be,” she sings.