Marco Antonio Solis' '¿Dónde Estará Mi Primavera?': Original Song vs. New Alison & Marla Solís Version

Courtesy of Novus Lat
Marla Solis, Marco Antonio Solis and Alison Solis

Marco Antono Solís has revisited his 2001 hit “¿Dónde estara mi primavera?” and dropped a new version featuring his two daughters, Alison and Marla Solis.

The rendition released on Friday (May 10) comes with a music video portrayed by the three talented artists, flaunting the beautiful sceneries in Mexico, their undeniable father-daughter bond and a tragic love story.

Check out the comparison of both songs below.

Title: “Dónde estará mi primavera”

Artist: Marco Antonio Solís

Release Year: 2001

Song: Released 18 years ago as part of his studio album Más de Mi Alma, Marco Antonio Solis’ “¿Donde Estará mi Primavera?” (Where is my Spring?) has become a timeless song for all people who can’t get over that special someone. The Mexican singer opens up about his long-lost love, emphasizing that his spring is dark and gloomy amidst their farewell.

Video: The music video pays homage to the sentimental melodies, showing different scenes of a heartbroken and nostalgic Marco Antonio singing under the rain and burning all of his ex-lovers belongings in the fire.

Title: “¿Dónde estará mi primavera?”

Artist(s): Marco Antonio Solis ft. Alison & Marla Solis

Release Year: 2019

Song: Marco Antonio Solís and arranger Pablo Aguirre transformed the timeless hit to include the two emerging artists. The new melodies are intertwined with enthralling hints of Flamenco, giving it an acoustic, organic and fresh sound.

Video: Staying along the lines of the emotional lyrics, the music video, filmed in the Jardines de México botanical garden, shows Marco accompanied by his two talented daughters. The video, directed by Antonio Roma, also tells the story of a young couple who are happily in love but are later hit with the tragic death of the woman in the relationship.