Rivera Family Announces Tour Together in Honor of Jenni Rivera's Legacy at Latin Music Week 2019

Members of the Rivera music dynasty reunited for a special panel at Latin Music Week to discuss Jenni Rivera’s legacy, their first-ever collective tour, family anecdotes and more.

The panel, moderated by Cynthia Bague from High Hill Entertainment, took place Wednesday (April 24) at The Venetian in Las Vegas, where part of the Rivera family took the stage, including Don Pedro Rivera, Doña Rosie, Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, Jacqie Rivera, Juan Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jr. and Rosie Rivera.

The family shared many personal anecdotes, such as how they migrated from the U.S. to Mexico, how Don Rosie was a singer when she was younger, how Lupillo sold buttons outside of concerts, and how Jenni Rivera was crazy obsessed with Menudo.

In the midst of a very emotional reunion, Rosie Rivera, who’s the current chief executive officer of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, revealed that three generations of the family will be embarking on a tour together, presented by Live Nation. 

“It’s not going to be a normal event,” Lupillo Rivera assured. “We’re all going to perform and we’re going to do duets. It’s going to be something very special, very beautiful and it’s going to be done with a lot of love.”

Rosie also revealed that Jenni’s legacy will be part of the family tour. “I can confirm that fans can feel Jenni’s presence at this concert. If you’ve never seen her in concert, you’ll feel that in our show,” she said without giving any spoilers.

Don Pedro adds: “I want to thank all of you for keeping my daughter’s legacy alive. We need your support so that the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and future generations know about Jenni.”

The forthcoming concert kicks off with a December 7 concert at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. Tickets will go on sale May 10 via Ticketmaster, with a special fan pre-sale on May 8 and 9. 

Live Nation and the family may be announcing additional shows in the near future.  

Watch the complete Rivera family reunion below.