Maná's 'Rayando El Sol': Original Song vs. New Pablo Alborán Collaboration

Maná and Pablo Alborán
Courtesy of WMG

Maná and Pablo Alborán

As they prepare to tour the U.S. in the fall, Maná presents a new version of their timeless track “Rayando el Sol” featuring Spanish crooner Pablo Alborán.

The original song, written by drummer Alex González and frontman Fher Olvera, was the Mexican rock band’s first hit single that launched them to international success in the '90s or in Fher’s own words, the song that kicked off their career when they were ready to walk away.

“We spent many years with very little money,” he previously said to Billboard. “One time, Alex spent the night at an apartment in Colonia Roma that didn’t even have furniture. And there, between beers, we wrote the song. At that point, I was ready to work in what I’d studied in college: communications. And Alex was going to return to Miami. But that song allowed us to breathe, so we have a real appreciation. It’s a very emblematic song. It’s played everywhere.”

Now, the symbolic song, which also happens to be the name of their upcoming 2019 tour, counts with a revamped version featuring Alborán. Check out the comparison of both songs and vote for your favorite version below.

Title: “Rayando El Sol”  

Artist: Maná

Release Year: 1990

Song: “Rayando el Sol” was Maná’s first hit single that formed part of their studio album Falta Amor released in 1990. The rhythms are pure Latin rock intertwined with catchy pop melodies.

Video: Although it launched in the '90s, the original music video for “Rayando el Sol” was published on YouTube on March 26, 2010, where it currently sits at over 66 million views. The clip shows the band pouring their hearts out and playing their instruments at a stable, where we see some shots of horse riding, flowers, and the sun beaming over them. In true ‘90s fashion, Maná is rocking vests, T-shirts, piercings and ripped jeans.

Title: “Rayando El Sol”

Artists: Maná feat. Pablo Alborán

Release Year: 2019

Song: While the lyrics remain intact, the new version of “Rayando el Sol” featuring Alborán fuses both musical styles, giving life to a romantic, Latin rock ballad with a soulful twist.

Video: The music video, released on April 12, was filmed in Spain, showing Maná and Alborán taking a stroll around the city and singing at cultural landmarks, including the picturesque “La Latina” neighborhood, the famed "Libertad 8" bar, "Sobrino del Botín" (one of the world’s oldest restaurants), and finally a joint performance at the "El Principito" theater.