Rodrigo and Gabriela Release Video For New Single 'Terracentric': Premiere

Rodrigo y Gabriela
Ebru Yildiz

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo and Gabriela are best enjoyed live, which is why their video for their new single “Terracentric” is so much fun to watch. Filmed in black and white, it shows the guitar duo (full names Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero) ostensibly jamming, but of course, it’s much more than that.

With a relentless and thought-out counterpoint of rhythm and melody that renders percussion (and vocals) unnecessary, Rodrigo and Gabriela’s signature acoustic sound, grounded on heavy metal influences, is virtuoso rock ‘n roll. “Terracentric” is the second single from the duo’s upcoming Mettavolution (April 26), which reflects the duo’s interest in Buddhism. The word, “Metta,” in fact, is Sanskrit for the meditative condition that produces compassion and benevolence.

"Sometimes we need to be self-centered in order to be the best version of ourselves for us and for others.  Meditation is a good example of an individual practice that in fact is the most compassionate action we can do for everyone.  Clearing the mind is not only for your own benefit but for the benefit of all living beings,” Rodrigo told Billboard.  “Terracentric is an invitation to look inward, to be a little bit “selfish” for a minute and do what you can for your own sake.  If we all did the same this world would be a very different one.  Terracentric is the connection with this earth.  Reconnecting with the so-called reality of our human existence."

While Rodrigo’s words may hint at soothing calmness, “Terracentric” is anything but. Check out the video and prepare to be dazzled by the chops and energy.