Viva Friday Playlist: Juan Luis Guerra, Karol G & More New Latin Music

Rodrigo Varela/WireImage
Juan Luis Guerra peforms onstage during the 2012 Person of the Year honoring Caetano Veloso at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Nov. 14, 2012 in Las Vegas.

Viva Friday is a compilation of the best new songs, albums and videos recommended by Billboard Latin editors.

This week on the Viva Friday playlist:

Juan Luis Guerra - “Kitipun”

Juan Luis Guerra reaches out to the digital generation with “Kitipun,” a song that nods to current urban Latin trends while remaining rooted in Guerra’s trademark romantic bachata, accented with jazzy interludes and electronic drums. The new single from his upcoming album arrives with a sweet video of Instagram-ready moments directed by Dominican filmmaker Taba Blanchard. -- JUDY CANTOR-NAVAS

Aventura - “Inmortal”

Leave it to Romeo Santos to reunite Aventura for his new album Utopia, which was released Friday (April 5). In true Aventura fashion -- with sweeping guitar riffs and urban bachata melodies -- the track is an ode to the kind of love that is eternal and immortal. The music video, filmed by Fernando Lugo in Miami, features all four members: Henry Santos, Max Agende Santos, Lenny Santos and Romeo. After apologizing for a “heavy” April Fools' Day prank earlier this week, Santos officially and sincerely revealed the bachata group’s comeback for his new album. “Inmortal” marks both the group’s reunion after 10 years apart and the first single from Utopia. -- JESSICA ROIZ

Karol G - “Punto G”

In the midst of touring Latin America with Puerto Rican trap artist and boyfriend Anuel AA, Karol G unveiled her most provocative production yet. Titled “Punto G,” the urban track is fused with flairs of electronic music, Middle Eastern rhythms and hip-hop and is a sensual ode to a woman’s “G-spot.” In the music video, directed by Jose-Emilio Sagaro, we see the Colombian singer and a group of girls seductively dancing on a basketball court and in the locker room. Another scene shows Karol rocking some Anuel bling and flaunting the car that he gave her on her birthday. “Punto G” amassed more than 1 million views in its first 12 hours and ranked at No. 19 on YouTube’s trending videos. -- JR

Vice Menta - “Rosé”

After entering the music scene with their English-language covers, Monterrey-born twin brothers Marcelo and Eugenio Garza continue on the mission to put the Mexican urban movement on the map. Blessed as Vice Menta, the duo dropped their new single, “Rosé,” bringing to the forefront their eclectic fusion of hip-hop, R&B and Latin trap. With lyrics such as “why does it have to be so complicated?” and “don’t waste your time, I’m the same or worse,” the single talks about a complicated relationship where neither person wants to end it. The music video, with its hues of magenta, purple and teal, gives us major '90s pop-culture vibes. -- JR

Fuego & Duki - “Sigo Fresh”

In his new track “Sigo Fresh,” featuring Argentine rapper Duki, Dominican rapper Fuego teamed up with a new movement of urban music in Argentina to let the world know that he’s still fresh. The single has hip-hop and Latin trap rhythms backing up a set of raw and unfiltered lyrics about the tough street life. In the music video, Fuego is accompanied by the new wave of Argentine trap artists including Cazzu, Khea and, of course, Duki. -- JR

Paulo Londra – "Tal Vez"

After performing at Lollapalooza Argentina, rising singer Paulo Londra releases “Tal Vez,” a very upbeat song with romantic lyrics that is about the admiration of a man toward an empowered woman. The song was written by Paulo Londra and produced by Colombian producer Ovy on the Drums. -- SUZETTE FERNANDEZ

Paulina Rubio - "Ya No Me Engañas"

The Mexican superstar released “Ya No Me Engañas,” a new song composed by Xabi San Martin and produced by hitmakers Andres Torres and Mauricio Rengifo (“Despacito), which is included on the special edition of Deseo, her latest album. The song was released with a music video, in which Paulina is the strongest women ever. Watch it below. -- SF

Eddy Herrera - "Sombras"

"Sombras" is the first single in a series of songs by the singer Eddy Herrera, who this time dares to venture into the ranch bolero genre to pay tribute to Javier Solís. The song was released with a video -- directed by Gustavo Camacho -- full of Mexican tradition and mariachis filmed in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende. -- SF


Lila Downs – “Cariñito”

Mexican American Lilia Downs joins the list of the manifold of covers of “Cariñito,” a classic Peruvian cumbia by Los Hijos del Sol which dates back to 1979 and was written by Ángel Aníbal Rosado. “Cariñito” is Downs’ first single of her forthcoming album Al Chile, slated for May 3 release, which marries the nectars of Latin American folklore. Downs verves deep into the roots of psychedelic Peruvian chicha with the backing band La Sonora Tropicana and La Banda Misteriosa de Oaxaca through an animated lyric video by Long Summer Days. -- PAMELA BUSTIOS

Niña Dioz – “Magdalena”

Carla Reyna, dubbed Niña Dioz, solidifies her standing among the Latin hip hop scene with new single “Magdalena,” a resilient anthem to her Latina roots backed by a trap orchestra in an effort to bond classical elements with urban progressive hip-hop beats. A moniker she earned through an old lady at a coffee shop for her comparable looks to baby Jesus, Niña Dioz deftly weaves her way through the classical and the modernity, galvanizing with the support of L.A. composer Orlando Perez and a Macedonian orchestra in a forceful track which brakes barriers of personal reconciliation with a lyrical flow that speaks her truth (“Killing shit, yeah/queer as fuck, yeah/never give up, yeah/never giving a fuck”) and a theatrical video directed by Black Buffalo Films. -- PB


Montoya – “Perla”

South America endures its burgeoning union of electronica and its native harmonies which gives way to Montoya, a purveyor of electronic music who twiddles through Amazonian and Andean beats influenced by Colombia's Pacific and his mountain land of Pereira. The Italy-based classical trained violinist, releases “Perla,” another one of the offerings of his forthcoming album Otun, a song rooted in the musical migration of his native Colombia nourished by the marimba and its mystical substance. -- PB



Omar Apollo – “Friends”

Mexican American Singer-songwriter rises from the Great Plains with a sound crafted from his parents and his own varied musical influences (Pedro Infante, Benny Sings, Los Panchos, The Beatles, Paul Simon) and his upbringing in the church. The 21-year old Chicano combines soul and electric tones in the title track and third single of his sophomore project, Friends EP, due out April 10. Apollo’s vocals channel Simon and Garfunkel in “Friends,” a melancholic and hummable tune with simple lyrics about a convoluted young relationship, backed by subtle background vocals and unspoiled guitar chords. -- PB