RedOne On How Latin Artists Are Coming Together For Venezuela Aid Live Song 'Estamos Contigo': Exclusive

Hamza El Ghazi 


Nine years after being one of the producers behind “We Are the World 25 for Haiti” in 2010, producer RedOne (real name: Nadir Khayat) is working on another charity song, this time to aid Venezuela.

“Estamos Contigo” will be recorded by dozens of artists during Billboard Latin Music Week in Las Vegas later this month. The single, as RedOne confirms to Billboard, was born after the Venezuela Aid Live concert that took place on February 22nd at the Colombia-Venezuela border in Cúcuta, Colombia.

Organized by Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin brand, and put together with a coalition that included Colombian entrepreneurs Ricardo Leyva and Bruno Ocampo, the event gathered over 30 artists, including Carlos VivesLuis FonsiMalumaJuan Luis Guerra, and even managed a Chino & Nacho reunion to raise humanitarian aid for the South American country.  

RedOne, who did not attend the event but observed from his television screen, felt so moved and inspired that he decided to make a charity song in honor of not only Venezuela but everything that’s happening in the world. “It was a calling and I felt that I had to do this,” he tells Billboard. “I started working on the idea and the music with my brother EJ.”  

Red admits he’s always been a fan of Richard Branson’s humanitarian work and that aid live brought them together. “Who’s not a fan of such an incredible human being? What he’s done is very unique and very rare. He’s making a difference. I feel very honored to be able to help and work with important people like him,” he adds.   

Similar to the 2010 remake of “We Are the World” in benefit of Haiti, “Estamos Contigo” is a bilingual song that seeks to gather many Latin artists to send a message about love and unity.

Although the process of confirming artists is still ongoing, Venezuelan urban star Nacho and Puerto Rican artist Jean Rodriguez of COASTCITY are part of the project. “We wanted to involve Nacho because besides being very talented, he’s lived this in his country. He wrote the incredible lyrics in Spanish and Jean Rodriguez wrote the lyrics in English,” says RedOne.

The plan is for artists to come together in late April to record the song. Those who are unable to attend will record remotely. RedOne also confirms a music video is in the works. “We have some beautiful images.” The music video will have footage from both the Cúcuta concert and the recording session for the song.

His hope, says RedOne, is to continue inspiring people around the world.“This song is not political at all, this is for the people,” he assures. “Many times, when a song is honest and real, magic happens. ‘Estamos Contigo’ is magical and it will touch a lot of people."