Everything You Need to Know About Anitta's New Album 'Kisses'

Austin Hargrave

Anitta photographed on March 7, 2018 in Los Angeles. 

Anitta’s new album Kisses is due this Friday (April 5), and the Brazilian star has been letting her fans in on the meaning behind the album, collaborators and more.

This is what we know so far: Kisses contains 10 songs, each track has its own music video, and everything will be released on April 5. And according to Anitta's announcement on social media, "Each [song] represents a different type of Anitta that exists within me. The reference to the name Kisses highlights that there exist thousands of different types of kisses, but even so, it remains a kiss."

During the past few days, Anitta has shared at least eight titles for her songs, as well as the collaborators who will be featured on the album. Check it all out below. (The translations of Anitta's posts were done by Diego Vacanti.)   

Track 1:  "Atención" (Attention)

This Anitta is full of attitude. She's independent and likes to exalt other women. She doesn't like to see judgment between women and defends freedom. She likes to do what she wants and has a mission to move feminine empowerment forward at whatever cost. She likes to provoke people who usually judge or diminish free women. She preoccupies herself with social causes and believes that her vanity and beauty are in her attitude and way of being. For her, there exists beauty in all types of patterns/standards/models.


Como já divulguei aqui, dia 5 de Abril lanço meu primeiro álbum áudio visual trilingue. São 10 músicas com um videoclipe para cada uma. Cada uma delas representa um tipo diferente de Anitta que existe dentro de mim. A referência do nome KISSES ressalta que existem milhares tipos diferentes de beijos, mas, ainda assim, permanece sendo beijo. Durante os próximos dias vou revelar para vocês o nome de cada música e a característica de cada Anitta que essa representa. Pelos olhos do mestre @gb65 Track 1 Atención Essa Anitta é cheia de atitude. É independente e gosta de exaltar as outras mulheres. Não gosta de ver julgamentos entre mulheres e defende a liberdade. Gosta de fazer o que tem vontade e tem como missão levar o empoderamento feminino pra frente custe o que custar. Ela gosta de provocar pessoas que costumam julgar ou diminuir mulheres livres. Ela se preocupa com causas sociais e acredita que sua vaidade e sua beleza estão na sua atitude e maneira de ser. Para ela existe beleza em todos os tipos de padrão.

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Track 2 - "Banana"

This Anitta loves debauchery. Everything for her is dripping in sarcasm and humor. She always finds a way to joke about things. She likes to maintain her choices and way of life coated and protected by lots of fun and double meaning. This way, there is always the benefit of the doubt. Her sensuality is her good humor and laughing at herself. She has an irreverent style and is full of colors.

Track 3 - "Onda Diferente" (Different Wave)

This Anitta dances according to the rhythm. She always finds a way of fitting into the environment wherever she is placed. It doesn't matter if it is different from what she is accustomed to. When you least expect it, she has already adapted and you will swear that she has always been part of this clan. She looks like a machine, a robot, obeys commands with a disguised discipline of naturalness and is able to call attention even in the strangest situations. She is a chameleon. Her style changes depending on habitat.

Track 4 - "Sin Miedo" (Without Fear)

This Anitta represents the word "impulsiveness" and does not know the word "consequence." She throws herself into and does whatever is on her mind. She believes that there is only one life and she can not miss any opportunity to enjoy it to the maximum. For her, each and every experience sums up with a positive balance in her book of events, even if it wasn't as good. She is up for anything and has no shame of anything.

Track 5 - "Poquito" (A Little Bit)

This Anitta is sexy, however romantic and a dreamer. She guards her extreme sensuality only for her beloved target. But when she does, she does it quite well. She uses her ingenuity as a form of seduction. She gives herself bit by bit, and in this way she ties up her partner as in a very complicated spider's web. She has romantic fantasies with future cinematic endings. She only gives herself when she really feels it is worth it and does this in an intelligent manner.

Track 6 - "Tu y Yo" (You and Me)

She is sophisticated and does not give herself up totally, not even in the hour of seduction. Her weapons of conquest are her words and intellectual capacity. She even lets you know what's under all the pose but does this in doses, using more the imagination of her partner than actually giving herself. What happens is that you find out only in the last second but you do not regret. The mystery is the bait. Her style doesn't show much but makes you imagine everything.

Track 7 - "Get to Know Me"

This Anitta is still undergoing the process of maturing and finding herself. She is a teenager within, still immature and discovering life, her relationships and attitudes are close to being an episode from a teenage TV series. Full of small internal conflicts that are gigantic in her own head. She captivates you with the little way of being and makes you want to take care of her and go back to school to live the lightness of the small complex dilemmas of teenage life.

Track 8 - "Rosa"

This Anitta shows her sensual side. But even though she is breathing seduction, her vulgarity will never be tied to her conquests. She hypnotizes you with her Medusa's gaze. It's impossible to not be captured from the first time you look at her eyes. This Anitta knows how to seduce with invisible weapons. When you least expect it, you are already involved.


Snoop Dogg, Becky G, Caetano Veloso, Swae Lee, Prince Royce, Alesso, Ludmilla, Dj Luian & Mambo Kingz, Chris Marshall, and Papatinho will all appear on Anitta's Kisses.