Is Romeo Santos Releasing a New Album Called 'Utopia'?

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Justin Bettman
Romeo Santos photographed July 13 at Drift Studio in New York.

Romeo Santos has been using social media to ask for the meaning behind the word utopia. Why is he asking that? Well, the king of Bachata may be giving us hints and announcing that a new album is on the way. And yes, we are ready for it.

Even though we don’t have any details about what to expect, at least we know that the word "utopia" is important.

Utopia is the perfect place, plan or system, where everything flows with no conflict, it’s peaceful,” Santos says in a video posted via his social media on Saturday. Will Romeo Santos release a new album under that name? We’ll have to wait to know!

In the meantime, watch the video:


¿Porque Utopia? -- #UT--PIA2019

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