Deorro Explains Why Latinx Representation Matters in the EDM Scene

Alexi Papalexopoulos


Nearly three years after releasing “Bailar,” Deorro and Elvis Crespo, alongside Henry Fong, present yet another merengue-meets-EDM hit called “Pica,” released under Ultra Music on March 8.

“After we made ‘Bailar’ and performed it at Coachella, we wanted to make more music together,” Deorro, born Erick Orrosquieta, tells Billboard over the phone. “I never plan things. The only thing I can do is get on my laptop and create music. Nothing really happened until now that Henry Fong sent me ‘Pica,’” he says, adding that Crespo loved the song so much, he recorded his part as soon as he heard it. “It came together so quickly. It’s another track that I’m really proud of because it represents what I do: high-energy Latin sounds.”

He feels blessed to be welcomed by the EDM world, but as a Mexican-American DJ, the 27-year-old artist also feels there’s a strong lack of Latinx crowds at the shows.

“I’m on the other side of the speakers, and I think one of my shows is a perfect opportunity to open the doors and invite the Latinx community,” he says, emphasizing that crowds in Latin America -- including Mexico, Argentina and Ecuador -- really dig his Latin-inspired dance tracks. “It’s not hard for me to do this. I didn’t break an arm and a leg,” he continues. “That’s why I always try to motivate kids, especially aspiring Latino DJs, to continue pushing their Latin sounds. They’ll be impacting this large community that I feel the EDM world lacks.”

In the meantime, Deorro, who describes his music as “fun,” plans to nab more Latin artist collaborations. His goal for 2019? Cumbia group La Sonora Dinamita. “I would love to work with them. I listened to their music way back when I was little, and it’s incredible. I actually have a track right now that I want to send their way,” he says.

As spring rolls around, Deorro has many shows confirmed, including Saturday at Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino, Calif., April 12 at Dallas Stereo Live, and April 13 at Spire Nightclub, both in Dallas. He also promises to release new music, but for now, listen to “Pica” below.