Viva Friday Playlist: Intocable Celebrates 25 Years With New Album, Gloria Trevi & Karol G Drop Collab, Plus More

Courtesy of Good I Music 

Viva Friday is a compilation of the best new songs, albums, and videos recommended by Billboard Latin editors.

Intocable - Percepción

Celebrating 25 years of success and a stable music career, Intocable released their first studio album in two years, Percepción. Released on Friday (Mar. 15), the set is home to 14 new tracks, including recent singles “Nadie es Indispensable” and “Beso Incompleto." Percepción was produced by Don Was, who has worked with artists such as The Rolling Stones, John Mayer and Willie Nelson, to name a few. Teaming up the renowned producer perfectly sums up an album that fuses alternative rock, cumbia, rock n’ roll, and other genres with the group’s ever essential Tejano sound. Listen to the album below. -- JESSICA ROIZ

Greeicy, Nacho - “Destino”

Fusing both of their sweet voices and good vibes, Colombian singer Greeicy has teamed up with Venezuelan artist Nacho in “Destino.” The feel-good track with infectious urban pop melodies is about two people who are deeply in love with each other but destiny separated them. The end of the music video sends an important message to everyone who lost a loved one: “The destiny of a true love, is the connection that not even death can separate.” Watch below. -- JR

Angélique Kidjo - "Quimbara"

The African musician and activist Angélique Kidjo was introduced to Celia Cruz in her native Benin through the Cuban icon’s “Quimbara;” she later sang the song together with the woman who became her idol at a concert in Paris. The rumba has now called Kidjo to record her own driving version of “Quimbara.” It’s the first single from her upcoming Celia, an album of versions of Cruz’s songs that delves deep into the Cuban queen’s  African roots. -- JUDY CANTOR-NAVAS

Rauw Alejandro, Chencho - "El Efecto"

Puerto Ricans singers Rauw Alejandro and Chencho have joined forces to launch a new reggaetón hit “El Efecto” (The effect).  The song is about living the moment because you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. The single was produced in Amsterdam together with Nigel Hamelinck, Ravi Ramdiha and Mr. Nais Gai. Working together on this new record they decided to make it their own. -- SUZETTE FERNANDEZ

Gloria Trevi, Karol G - "Hijoepu*#"

With Women's History Month in full swing, Gloria Trevi and Karol G dropped an unfiltered and catchy reggaeton bop called "Hijuepu*#." In the single, the Mexican singer and Colombian urban star, who will embark their "Diosa de la Noche" joint tour this year, joined forces to send a raw message to all of those cheating men in the world. They emphasize the message in their action-packed music video below.  -- JR


Alex Fernández- Sigue La Dinsastía

Mariachi music is rooted in the Fernandez family and Sigue La Dinastía, album debut of Alex Fernandez, third generation singer-songwriter, begets the success of its predecessors.  The set blends the best of the Mexican genre tradition par excellence with the talent, self-confidence, and vigor of Fernandez Jr., whose vocals display a new level of emotional ferocity. Sigue La Dinastía was produced by Francisco Javier Ramirez López and Fernandez Jr.’s grandfather, the great Vicente Fernandez, as executive producer. It includes songs by prominent composers: Gustavo A. Santiago, Manuel Monterrosas, Luis Elizalde, and Massías, are just a few of the intellectuals whose work puts forth Fernandez Jr.’s evocative and operatic voice. -- PAMELA BUSTIOS



Cesar Santalo- “Light You Up” featuring Twelve’len

Up and coming Cuban American, Miami-born artist, Cesar Santalo is an R&B singer who blends layers of hip hop throughout his tunes. Channeling his creative energy at an early age via the visual arts, Santalo discovered freedom of expression through illustration taking the city of Miami as his main stimulation. Drawings shifted into jotting down ideas, headings, which built his structure as writer. While landing his first performance at SXSW 2019, Santalo releases “Light You Up,” featuring Carol City-bred artist Twelv’len. Teeming with nostalgic beats, the tune calls for inner peace and strength, for an individual’s mettle and trust. -- PB