Sebastian Yatra Reveals Release Date and Track List For His Album 'Fantasia': Exclusive

Sebastian Yatra
John Parra/Getty Images

Sebastian Yatra arrives at the Enrique Santos Show at the I Heart Latino Studio on Jan. 17, 2018 in Miami.

Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra has revealed exclusively via Billboard today (March 13) that his next album Fantasía is set to be released on April 12.

During the past year, the 24-year-old singer has been working hard on his new album, which will mark a new musical path for him. According to the singer, the 12 songs that are included on Fantasía will remind fans of the magic Latin ballads hold, such as the track “Un Año” with Reik.

On March 3, Yatra officially announced his new album on social media, posting the official cover. "Fantasía is the representation of my heart. I also hope [it] will be [for] the people who firmly believe that love is the most powerful feeling in the world," Yatra tells Billboard

Before the urban genre took over, singers like Luis Fonsi, Ricky Martin, and Luis Miguel used to serenade us with romantic songs. 

 “I hope that with this album, we renew the votes [for] the Latin pop/ballad, a genre that I respect and value immensely and that has marked my life. I know that this album will connect us forever and in 20 years we will sing these songs of love together," Yatra adds.

See the track list below. 

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