Gloria Trevi Has Eyes For Valentina In Steamy 'Yo Soy Su Vida' Video: Watch

Courtesy photo.
Gloria Trevi and Valentina get cozy in the "Yo Soy Su Vida" music video.

Three's company in Gloria Trevi's latest music video, and none other than Valentina is the object of the Mexican pop legend's scandalous affection in "Yo Soy Su Vida (I Am His Life)."

Sex and intrigue are served up alongside the dramatic power ballad as Trevi lusts after someone who isn't her husband. She pines for another and pores over text messages as her husband dotes on her in the lavish home they, but she eventually she ditches their lifestyle of the rich and famous for the club -- and that's where she finds the Drag Race and Rent Live star waiting for her.

Eventually, Trevi's husband finds out where she is and interrupts their rendezvous, which leads to a moment on the sidewalk in front of the club where she's being literally pushed and pulled between her marido and Valentina.

Who does she choose? You'll have to watch Trevi and Valentina in the "Yo Soy Su Vida" video below to find out.