Maná Announces Rayando el Sol Tour, Named After Breakthrough Hit Song: Exclusive

Maná, Latin music’s most successful rock band and one of the most prolific and highest-grossing Latin acts in the market, announced Thursday (Feb. 21) the U.S. dates of their new Rayando el Sol Tour, their first outing in three years. The tour, produced by Live Nation, is named after the group’s breakout 1989 hit.

The trek will kick off Sept. 4 in Corpus Christi, Texas, and will make more than 20 stops, including four nights at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., between September and November. This will translate to the  longest run at the LA venue for a Latin act.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, lead singer Fher Olvera said the name “Rayando el Sol” was symbolically very important for the band. “It was the song that kicked off our career when we were ready to walk away,” Olvera said. “We spent many years with very little money. One time, [drummer] Alex [Gonzalez] spent the night at an apartment in Colonia Roma [the Mexico City neighborhood depicted in Alfonso Cuarón’s film Roma] that didn’t even have furniture. And there, between beers, we wrote the song. At that point, I was ready to work in what I’d studied in college: communications. And Alex was going to return to Miami. But that song allowed us to breath, so we have a real appreciation. It’s a very emblematic song. It’s played everywhere.”

The homage to “Rayando” doesn’t end there: The group, which is in the midst of putting the final touches on their upcoming album, also recorded a new version of the song with a guest artist. The album, which will be released timed with the tour, will “explore new paths in music; music that you can dance to but isn’t trite. That sounds like reggae, but not reggaetón.”

And although Maná is known for speaking out when it comes to social issues, Fher says the group is avoiding politics. “We’ll of course send a message, but not political as much as humanitarian. We want people to be alert to politics. But our emphasis is on the humanitarian angle, not the politics.”

Tickets for Rayando el Sol go on sale March 1. Prior to that, the group will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday and will live stream an exclusive performance on their Facebook page on Tuesday too.