Viva Friday: Best Music Picks Of the Week by Natti Natasha, Manuel Turizo, Ozuna and More

Natti Natasha
Gladys Vega/Getty Images

Natti Natasha performs during Kany Garcia concert "Soy Yo" at Coliseo Jose M. Agrelot on Feb. 2, 2019 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Viva Friday is a compilation of the best new songs, albums and videos recommended by Billboard Latin editors.

Check out this week’s Viva Friday playlist below.

Natti Natasha – ilumiNATTI

Natti Natasha is responsible for dropping the first urban album of 2019, and what a way to kick off the year. With 17 fresh songs, including her 2018 bachata "Quien Sabe," and reggaeton bops "Me Gusta" and "Pa Mala Yo," Natti delivers a deep and personal connection with her fans, singing unapologetically about love, sex, heartbreaks, and women empowerment. ilumiNATTI, produced by Daddy Yankee, Justin Quiles, and Joss Favela, to name a few, shows Natti's capability of dominating any genre, such as trap and reggae, and not just reggaeton. In a recent exclusive interview with Billboard, Natti admitted that all of the songs are her favorite; however, her recent single "La Mejor Version de Mi" sums up the entire production. The heartfelt ballad, which is about a woman who's going through a divorce, brings to the forefront a side of Natti that's new to many fans: one that highlights her romantic vocals and with soft acoustic guitar riffs sends the message of strength and self-love. -- JESSICA ROIZ

Danny Ocean - "Swing"

After making the rounds with his singles "Me Rehuso," "Dembow," and "Epa Wei," Danny Ocean returns with yet another infectious track. "Swing" marks Ocean's first single of the year, fusing the best of pop, EDM, and urban beats in two minutes and 35 seconds. With lyrics such as, "I wrinkle, I melt for you, slowly," the song is an ode to the woman of his dreams. In its official music video, Ocean takes us on an underwater ride, wrapping up this magical production.  -- J.R.

T3R Elemento - "Magicos Besitos"

T3R Elemento shows off their romantic side with their new single "Magicos Besitos." The track, which keeps its essence of a youthful alternative corrido melody, is about a man who admits he doesn't treat his lady the way she deserves, and therefore he wants to end the relationship. "You did not deserve it, forgive me for playing with you. You left magical kisses on my lips," the Regional Mexican group belts out. -- J.R.

CNCO - "Pretend"

CNCO just surprised their fans with a brand new production titled "Pretend." The single, which is a Spanglish urban bop, is released in the midst of the groups first-ever headlining U.S. tour, further proving that they hustle 24/7. In the music video, the members of CNCO are each seen flirting with a beautiful girl at a house party before breaking out into a fierce dance choreography. -- J.R.

Cimarrón - “Caballo Viejo”

Returning “Bamboleo” of Gipsy Kings fame to its origins, the Colombian roots group Cimarrón pays tribute to Venezuelan country music great Simón Díaz, the composer of the song originally titled “Caballo Viejo.” Cimarrón’s raw and infectious acoustic versión of this Pan-Latin classic features cuatro, cajón, the arpa llanera and the mandolin-like bandola. -- JUDY CANTOR-NAVAS

Paulo Londra – “Forever Alone”

Paulo Londra’s “Forever Alone” is a song dedicated to all men that love themselves and don’t want a relationship. And yes, even when we are still celebrating Valentine’s day, Londra is breaking all the rules about love, because he wants to be “Forever Alone.” -- SUZETTE FERNANDEZ

Manuel Turizo, Ozuna – “Esclavo de Tus Besos”

Once again, Manuel and Julián Turizo join forces with Ozuna to surprise all fans with a new song, “Esclavo de Tus Besos.” The romantic reggaeton track tells how much they miss the person who they are in love with, leading them to become “exclavo de tus besos” (slaves of kisses). The video was recorded in Miami and directed by Nuno Gomes. -- S.F.

Christian Nodal – “Nada Nuevo”

Christian Nodal has released "Nada Nuevo," the second single off his forthcoming album. Written by Nodal and Edgar Barrera, the song is about being disappointed after a huge breakup. In the music video, Nodal is seeing in different relationships trying not to repeat past mistakes, but he keeps being the bad guy. -- S.F.

Jon Z - “Despues Que Te perdi”

Jon Z’s “Despues Que Te Perdí” is a song that shows that the Latin rapper also has a sweet heart. Dropped one day before Valentine’s Day, the track is about a breakup which, in this case, he knows it is his fault. The single strays from typical Jon Z songs, which often cover topics like partying every day. -- S.F.

Flor de Toloache - “Besos de Mezcal”

“Besos de Mezcal” is a flirty song by Flor de Toloache, perfect for a Valentine’s weekend party. The all-women mariachi band heads into retro pop territory here, with a go-go sound and psychedelic flourishes that echo the song’s reference to mescalina. -- J.C.N.