From 'Vaina Loca' to 'Bebesita,' How Urban Artists Declare Their Love in Reggaeton Songs

Vaina Loca Ozuna Manuel Turizo
Courtesy Photo

Ozuna and Manuel Turizo, "Vaina Loca" 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we're swooning already with so many romantic songs in the air.

For those who think reggaeton songs are all about sex and controversial lyrics, think again: Latin urban artists such as Ozuna, Daddy Yankee and Anuel AA have all declared their love in their songs without needing to literally say "I love you." 

Check out some of these romantic reggaeton tunes below that you can dedicate to your boo.

Ozuna x Manuel Turizo - “Vaina Loca”

Word or phrase: “Una vaina loca que me das”

Literal translation: A crazy thing that you give me

Meaning: In a nutshell, this is Ozuna and the Turizo brothers’ way of telling the girl they like that they are crazy about them.

Bad Bunny feat. Drake - “Mia”

Word or phrase: “Dile que tú eres mía desde la high”

Literal translation: “Tell them that you are mine since the high”

Meaning: The entire “Mia” song is an ode to the girl that Bad Bunny and Drake are crushing on, but in this specific phrase, Bunny lets it be known that she’s his high school sweetheart.

Arcangel - “Hace Mucho Tiempo”

Word or phrase: “Dura como La Gran Muralla China”

Literal translation: Hard like the Great Wall of China

Meaning: This entire song is a tribute to the woman Arcangel is in love with, comparing her to something so big and important as the Great Wall of China.

Daddy Yankee & Anuel AA - “Adictiva”

Word or phrase: “Me dejaste con las ganas de probar más de ti. Hookiao', hookiao'”

Literal translation: You left me wanting to try more of you. Hooked, hooked

Meaning: Basically, in this song, Daddy Yankee and Anuel AA are hooked on a girl, who they claim is their addiction.

Calle 13 - “Un Beso de Desayuno”

Word or phrase: “Tu eres todo un evento, una pintura en movimiento”

Literal translation: You are an entire event, a painting in movement

Meaning: This is Calle 13’s way of saying that someone is perfect overall, a work of art.

J Alvarez - “Junto al Amanecer”

Word or phrase: “Seré tu abrigo, tu cónsul, tu lobo”

Literal translation: “I’ll be your coat, your consul, your wolf”

Meaning: With these three nouns, J Alvarez assures that he will always protect the love of his life.

Nicky Jam - “Travesuras”

Word or phrase: “Dime si conmigo quiere hacer travesuras”

Literal translation: “Tell me if you want to be mischievous with me”

Meaning: With these sexy lyrics, Nicky Jam admits that he fell in love at first sight with that special lady.

Anuel AA, Karol G - “Secreto”

Word or phrase: “Bebesita”

Literal translation: Little baby

Meaning: This is Anuel AA’s nickname for Karol G. When he belts it out in his songs or even on his social media, you just know he’s gushing over his girlfriend.