Bryant Myers, Miky Woodz and Justin Quiles Team Up For 'Ganas Sobran': Exclusive

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Bryant Myers and Miky Woodz, "Ganas Sobran"

Puerto Rican trap singer Bryant Myers has united with Miky Woodz for their first-ever joint EP, Cambio de Clima. The seven-track urban project was released alongisde a music video for "Ganas Sobran" featuring Justin Quiles, premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Feb. 8).

Both artists spoke with Billboard about the project and more. Watch the new video below, and check out the Q&A after the jump.

How did the idea of ​​making an EP together come about?

Bryant Myers: This is a project that [our manager] Javish was analyzing. I thought the idea was good, because I have a good relationship with [Woodz]. There is a respect, a friendship. I like the flow of his music.

The content is a little more toned down on this EP.

BM: The lyrics will always have a bit of the street -- that is our reality -- but [songs] such as "Tanta Falta," show us in a different way.

In Puerto Rico, it has been said that urban music contributes a lot to the crime of the country. What do you think of this?

Miky Woodz: I always say that the one who gets hurt [does so] because he wants to. My music speaks the reality that we live, but you do not necessarily have to do negative things, it is your choice. Look at me -- I am not a madman [and I don't] let myself be carried away by the negative things. I do sing the reality that we are living.

What is your favorite song and why?

BM: I have several, but I really like [this collaboration] with Justin Quiles. I like the lyrics a lot and I know that the audience will like it, too.

Finally, what are your plans for the coming months?

BM: I'll be going on many trips, and will continue making music and working.

MW: I am working hard and making good music for my fans. None of this would be possible with them. I'll also be releasing my album Asociación 90 Piketes, and will work hard to continue to please my people.