Llane Announces He's Leaving Piso 21 With Heartfelt Video Message: Watch

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Piso 21

Following Llane's news, Piso 21 revealed their new band member on social media.

After 12 years, Llane (real name Juan David Castaño) from Piso 21 has confirmed he's leaving the Colombian group.

Llane, who is one of the group's founding members, officially announced the news via a YouTube video published on Sunday, Feb. 3. “My life with Piso 21 has been amazing,” he began. “I couldn’t complain about anything. We achieved every single goal we had. When we began with Piso 21 we were just kids, too naive but extreme dreamers and hard workers.”

The group, which was formed by Llane, Pablo Mejia (Pablito), Juan David Huertas (El Profe), and David Escobar (Dim) in Medellin in 2007, is known by their international hits such as “Me Llamas,” “Besandote,” and “Dejala Que Vuelva.”

Llane expressed that after 12 years, he felt it in his heart and soul that it was time to go on his own and share his art in a more personal and intimate way.

“Even though it wasn’t an easy decision, the group has given me their love and support. With them, I have a brotherhood for life,” he continued, stating that he feels sad, anxious, scared, and nervous but with lots of faith to start his solo career.

“I apologize to all who could feel disappointed with my decision, but Piso 21 will continue making music and doing shows all over the world. With God by my side, I start this new stage in my life and I am very happy,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the remaining Piso 21 members took to social media to reveal the new singer who will replace Llane in the group.

“We want to present our new member and welcome him,” they said about Colombian artist and composer Lorduy, who’s been friends with the group for many years, via Instagram. “He’s a talented person who comes to contribute the best of himself so that this family continues to grow."

In their heartfelt post, the band also announced that 2019 begins with many blessings and a new tour in the works. They also sent their best wishes to Llane on his new endeavor.

“We send all the blessings of the world in his career, knowing that he can always count on us unconditionally. We love you,” they expressed.

Watch Llane’s video and see Piso 21’s post below.


Como muchos de ustedes ya saben hoy comenzamos una nueva etapa en la carrera de Piso 21, a nuestro hermanito @llane le mandamos todas las bendiciones del mundo en su carrera sabiendo que siempre contará con nosotros incondicionalmente, te queremos mucho; por otra parte queremos presentar a nuestro nuevo integrante y darle la bienvenida a @lorduy una persona que nos ha acompañado por muchos años como amigo, compositor y artista, una persona talentosa que llega a aportar lo mejor de sí para que esta familia crezca cada vez más. Solo nos queda por decir que este camino de la música para todos apenas está comenzando y lo que viene será cada vez más grande, que comience este 2019 lleno de bendiciones y pronto anunciaremos la gira para vernos en cada país!! Gracias a todos nuestros fans, seguidores y amigos por apoyar este nuevo paso en nuestra carrera, contamos con ustedes! PISO21 ----‍♂️----‍♂️----‍♂️----‍♂️

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