Luis Fonsi Says He Was in a Doo Wop Group With Joey Fatone, Performs 'Imposible' On 'Tonight' Show': Watch

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
Luis Fonsi performs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Jan. 30, 2019.

Luis Fonsi paid a visit to The Tonight Show on Wednesday night (Jan. 30) to perform his most recent single “Imposible" and share some memories from the time he was in a doo wop group back in Orlando.

First, Fonsi joined host Jimmy Fallon on a large seesaw and briefly talked about his gig hosting La Voz, the Spanish version of The Voice, on Telemundo. When Fallon asked how the two shows differ, a smiling Fonsi explained, “It’s pretty much the same thing, but in Spanish.”

The Boricua then took to the minimal stage setting to perform the invigorating Spanish track off of his upcoming album, Vida, accompanied by a band and backup singers vibing to the upbeat reggaeton rhythm.   

Back on the couch with Fallon, Fonsi began with a few “hola’s” to the audience, telling the host, “You gotta say hi to the Latinos, you know.” Fonsi also thanked Fallon for his recent visit to Puerto Rico, saying, “That was so special for you, the whole production team, that was so special to watch you have fun in my island, I love you for that.”

Fonsi also talked about moving from Puerto Rico to Orlando, Fla. as an 11-year-old, and how music was an important aspect of his transitioning to the different lifestyles. Fallon then pulled up a throwback photo of Fonsi with a pre-*NSYNC’s Joey Fatone. “It was a doo wop acapella group, called -- wait for it -- The Big Guys,” Fonsi smiled. “Our teacher just named us The Big Guys, so we couldn’t really change it, and lemme tell you, I love these guys, Joey, Eric, Joel are still to this day my best friends.”

When Fallon made the observation that the boy group looked rather “tiny,” Fonsi joked about his fellow members being tall while he was the tiny one. The 40-year-old added more about the boy band, “We started The Big Guy Foundation so we could raise money to buy those jackets cause we had no money.”

He added that they played in school talent shows as well as Orlando’s Old Town. “We would go to Old Town and do little doo wop sessions and people would give us enough money to buy like wings and a soda,” he said.

They also talked about “Despacito” and its worldwide success, as well as Vida, which features the song with Daddy Yankee, as well as “Imposible” and “Echame La Culpa” featuring Demi Lovato. The record drops tomorrow (Feb. 1).

Check out the clips of Fonsi on The Tonight Show below.