The 10 Best Yoskar Sarante Songs: Critic's Picks

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Courtesy Photo
Yoskar Sarante, "Quien Eres Tu"

The Latin music world is mourning the sudden loss of Dominican singer Yoskar Sarante, who died at age 48 on Monday in Orlando, Fla., due to a lung problem. The news was confirmed Tuesday by J&N Records President Juan Hidalgo and Vice President Nelson Estevez, both of whom worked with the artist for many years.

Sarante had a musical trajectory that spanned 25 years, and he was considered one of the most popular bachata singers of the '90s, paving the way for the new generation, including Romeo Santos and Prince Royce.

Known as “El Prabu,” the late crooner gained international success thanks to his romantic bachata songs, such as “Llora Alma Mia.”

Listen to his 10 best songs below.

1. “No Tengo Suerte En El Amor”

2. “Llora Alma Mia”

3. “Perdido”


4. “Guitarra”

5. “Mi Gran Noche”

6. “No Te Detengas”

7. “Guerra de Amor”

8. “Si Te Llego A Perder”

9. “Prohibeme”

10. “Te Perdi”