Rosalía Talks Heritage, Favorite Street Food in 'Growing Up Latino'

In the new episode of Billboard’s Growing Up Latino series, we discover all of the Latin influences behind Rosalia's music.

The rising star, who was born in Barcelona, Spain, confesses is that she feels a hundred percent Latina. Every time she visits countries like Panama and Mexico she is at home, and her flamenco sound is a combination of Colombian rhythms, guajira and rumba

Rosalía also admires the American entertainment culture, and admits that when she visits the country, she loves going to see other artists perform.

As for her hometown traditions? In Spain, they used to say "hello" with two kisses (one on each cheek) but, for Rosalía, a hug is much better. The artist speaks Catalan, Spanish and English, and her favorite street food is the tortilla de papa (potato omelette).

Watch Rosalía’s Growing Up Latino episode above to hear about all this and more.