Viva Friday Playlist, With Sebastián Yatra, Reik, Rosalía and More

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Sebastián Yatra and Reik, "One Year"

This week on the Viva Friday playlist, Sebastián Yatra and Reik leave the reggaeton aside and droped a soft ballad, James Blake and Rosalía present “Barefoot in the Park” and Carlos Vives gives us a new musical taste from Colombia.

Plus don't miss new music from Sofia Reyes with Slushii, Los Auténticos Decadentes featuring Rubén Albarrán (Café Tacvba), Sky with J Balvin and more.

Sebastian Yatra & Reik, "Un Año" 

Putting the catchy reggaeton tunes on hold, both Sebastian Yatra and Reik kick off 2019 with a soft ballad that will give you all the feels. The Colombian artist has teamed up with the Mexican band for "Un Año," a song that puts into words the real meaning of love: patience, unconditional commitment, and overcoming obstacles together. The heartfelt music video, directed by Nuno Gomes, intertwines distinct love stories, from an astronaut counting the days until he can reunite with his family to a little girl finding her lost doggy. -- JESSICA ROIZ

James Blake & Rosalía, "Barefoot in the Park"

Rosalia has joined forces with the English singer/songwriter James Blake for “Barefoot in the Park,” off Blake's Assume Form album, out this week. In the song, Rosalia’s lyrics are in Spanish, but when she joins Blake for the chorus, her sweet and low key voice stands out and showcases an artist who sooner than later will be surprising us with new music entirely in English. In the meantime, "Barefoot" is a can't-miss track for just about any playlist. -- SUZETTE FERNÁNDEZ 

Rubén Blades and Making Movies, "No Te Calles"

Rubén Blades sings lead vocals on “No Te Calles,” a fevered tribal rock collaboration with the band Making Movies. Blades composed the song in Spanish with the members of the band -- comprised of the Chi brothers, from Panama, and the Chaurand brothers, from Mexico -- adapting it from Making Movies’ prior English-language single, “Spinning Out.”

A denunciation of political corruption, “No Te Calles,” is (according to the members of the Kansas-City based Making Movies, of which Blades is a fan) “a song and a movement,” to be accompanied by a campaign intended to encourage people to speak out. Blades wrote on social media: “Sal a la calle means hide no longer, express yourself against evil and march against corruption. Those who support good are the majority, those for evil are less than us, in any society. Let us not lose faith.” Blades chants insistently on the track, and as always, his voice commands. “No Te Calles” immediately gets under your skin. -- JUDY CANTOR-NAVAS

Los Auténticos Decadentes feat. Rubén Albarrán (Café Tacvba), “Loco (Tu Forma de Ser)”

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Los Auténticos Decadentes kick off 2019 -- three decades after their debut album, El Milagro Argentino (1989) -- with the launch of Fiesta Nacional (MTV Unplugged)’s second single, “Loco (Tu Forma de Ser).” The Ruben Albarrán-assisted song is the 18th track of the live set, which was recorded in May 2018 and ventures into the band’s classics: an amalgam of the indigenous claw with their distinctive milonga and thrilling ska-rock. In an emotive celebration, the frontman of Mexico’s legendary Café Tacvba joined the 12-member ensemble, with his usual cheerful disposition, for a rendition of a classic from the Argentinian’s legendary catalog. -- PAMELA BUSTIOS

Slushii & Sofia Reyes, "Never Let You Go"

In 2018, we enjoyed how many DJs and Latin artists joined forces to produce new music. This year, Sofia Reyes takes the lead collaborating with the American DJ Slushii, with the duo releasing the bilingual collab “Never Let You Go.” The song brings fusions dance sounds with a touch of reggaeton beats, with a groove that's very calm and refreshing, but danceable at the same time. Ideal to listen to in a casual hangout with your friends. -- S.F.

Sky, J Balvin & Jhay Cortez feat. MadeinTYO, "Bajo Cero"

As producer and songwriter, Sky Rompiendo has a remarkable resume, including chart-topping hits from J Balvin, Ozuna, and Karol G. Now, he's kicked off his career as a solo artist, bringing his Colombian roots and distinctive style to the forefront. His single "Bajo Cero," with J Balvin and Jhay Cortez and featuring Atlanta-based rapper MadeinTYO, lives up to Sky's fresh take on traditional Latin rhythms, combined with beats that blend American hip-hop, R&B, and pop. -- J.R.

Carlos Vives, “Dejame Quererte”

In each of his productions, Carlos Vives presents songs with sounds that are always related to his roots. And, for his new song “Dejame Quererte,” he really goes for a new sound, after touring around six regions in Colombia - including Boyacá, Llanos Orientales, Providencia, San Basilio de Palenque, La Guajira and El Pacífico – looking for local talent. The result? He found five other artists: Cholo Valderrama, Cynthia Montano, Elkin Robinson, Kombilesa Mi & Velo De Oza.

The song seems to be dedicated to a woman called Andina, but in reality it is a tribute to Colombia’s scenery. As for sound, it does incorporate Vives' musical roots -- but what makes the difference is that each of his new collaborators' voices stands out in a way that shows their musical backgrounds, like traditional vallenato and Colombian urban, among others. -- S.F.


Lágrimas de Sangre, “Vértigo”

A standout within the Spanish youth circuit, Barcelona-based social rap group Lágrimas de Sangre have released "Vértigo,” the second single for the group's 17-track third album, due out Feb. 15. The quintet has become a benchmark of Spanish social hip-hop in the underground cultural sphere at a national level. Their songs tenaciously emphasize lyrics of protest and awareness; it’s part of their nature. In “Vértigo,” a song written by the band’s three MCs (Neidos, Microbio and Still ill), Lágrimas de Sangre promenades through reflections of fame and its consequences without neglecting anecdotes of their career. -- P.B.


Crecer German, "Frente a Usted"

Crecer German starts off his 2019 with the release of his new single "Frente a Usted." The seductive guitar riffs and German's crisp vocals give life to this new Norteño love song that talks about a person who feels grateful for finding the love of his life and never wants to let them go. The music video lives up to that, showing the Regional Mexican singer flirting with a beautiful model. -- J.R.

Ximena Sariñana, “Lo Bailado”

Written by Ximena Sariñana in collaboration with ICON Music and Juan Pablo Vega, “Lo Bailado” is Sariñana’s sophomore single release off her upcoming fourth studio album, slated for March. The song was written with the conviction of setting one’s predicaments aside in a graceful manner, by reconciling our bitter memories and by validating the worth of each experience. The upbeat tempo of Vega’s guitar riffs, a playful bossa nova pitch, makes the message easy to digest, setting an ethereal tone -- “an effortless vibe,” as Sariñana states: no lo tomes personal, después de otoño hay primavera (don’t take it personal, after autumn comes spring). -- PB

Carlos Rivera, “Sería Más Fácil”

Carlos Rivera’s new music video "Seria Mas Facil" will break your heart. It shows the feelings of a couple who love each other but for other reasons have ended their relationship. For them, the separation is very difficult to overcome. -- S.F.