Nacional & NeoPerreo Records Launch Partnership: Exclusive

Courtesy of Nacional Records
Tomasa del Real

The partnership pushes NeoPerreo, a reggaeton sub-genre, into a larger international spotlight featuring new music by female acts such as Ms. Nina and Tomasa del Real

Nacional Records and NeoPerreo Records have entered into a partnership to collaborate on projects that highlight the emerging musical movement NeoPerreo, which is primarily led by female rappers.

The new venture, revealed to Billboard exclusively by both imprints, will focus on the global movement considered the sub-genre of reggaeton. NeoPerreo as a theme welcomes anyone to their events "where anything goes and judgments are left at the door," according to the official announcement.

NeoPerreo, which has an international underground following, is rooted in Los Angeles and incorporates messages of acceptance, feminism and freedom. The movement is embraced by many, but Tomasa del Real and Ms Nina are the biggest proponents. Del Real is known as "the queen of NeoPerreo" and the rapper who coined the movement's name.

On Jan. 18, the Nacional and NeoPerreo imprints will release their first collaboration with the track with Ms Nina featuring Tomasa del Real's single, "Y Dime" produced by BrunoOG and El Licenciado.

Ms Nina references her Latino background and stylized reggaeton, cumbia, and dembow rhythms within her musical style with provocative themes. Del Real, who was a full-time tattoo artist before launching her music career, is the founder of the movement and is gaining fans around the world with her commanding music and videos with songs such as "Y Dime."

"I wanted to do romantic reggaeton, something catchy," said Del Real, referring to her song "Y Dime," adding that it's about "unrequited love ... this is reggaeton to cry to but dance at the same time. It [the track] was sort of born in the moment. We tried to write unpretentious lyrics that reflect the music that we listen to or that we would like to dance to at a party."