5 Things to Know About Kevin Fret, the Gay Latin Trap Artist Killed in Puerto Rico

Kevin Fret - Soy Asi
Courtesy Photo

Kevin Fret, "Soy Asi"

Kevin Fret was shot and killed at 5:30 a.m. local time on Thursday (Jan. 10) in Santurce, Puerto Rico. He was 24 years old.

The emerging artist, who kicked off his musical career in 2018 with his unapologetic track “Soy Asi,” was “an artistic soul and a big-hearted dreamer,” as manager Eduardo Rodriguez said.

Fret's mission as a gay trap artist was to change the game in the music industry, and inspire artists in the LGBT community to do the same.

Here's everything to know about the late Puerto Rican rising star.

Fret got started by singing in competitions

Before kicking off his music career in 2018, Kevin Fret used to participate in singing competitions, such as La Banda and Solo Tu Voz. The first music video he released was “Soy Asi" in April of last year, giving him the chance to flaunt his fierce personality. He also collaborated with Michael Duran in “Diferente.” In a Facebook video, Fret specified that he liked creating controversial music because he was real, original, and always “talked the talk.”

His music had a message

Fret used his social media platforms for more than just sharing his music and vibrant fashion style. The late singer also stood up to his haters and raised awareness of bullying. As a voice in the LGBT community, he wanted to inspire emerging artists to not be afraid to kick off their music careers.

Fret often shared details about his personal life with fans

In an interview with iHeart Radio personality Enrique Santos, Fret said he came out as gay at 18 years old. At first, his parents were not supportive, but then accepted him and were his biggest fans. Fret had a younger sister named Doryann, who was proud of his career, as well as what he represented in the music industry. In 2018, Fret also opened up in a YouTube video about his liposuction surgery and buttock augmentation.

Fret was arrested in 2018

In summer 2018, he was arrested on an aggravated battery charge after a fight in an elevator in Miami, according to an arrest report issued to NBC Miami. Fret always used social media to bring to the forefront the hate crime and aggravations he’d receive because of his sexual orientation.

Fret had big plans for 2019

Although his life was cut short, there's always a chance Fret's family might support posthumous releases from the artist. A video posted on Instagram by music producer @Antrax_Official, shows Fret had new music in the works for 2019.