'Que Leon' Movie, Starring Ozuna, Gets January Release Date in the U.S.

Ozuna Que León
Courtesy Photo

Ozuna in the trailer for Que León.

The film Que León, marking Ozuna’s acting debut, is making its way to theaters in the U.S. and Latin America, Billboard has learned.

The family comedy, directed by Frank Perozo and starring Latin urban superstar and Dominican TV personality, actress, and model Clarissa Molina, tells the love story of Nicole and José Miguel. The couple has the same last name, León, but they're from different families and social classes, which causes their parents to be opposed to their relationship.

Initially released in 2018 in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Que León has already sold more than half a million tickets in the Caribbean, Spanglish Movies managing director Gustavo Aparicio tells Billboard. This milestone makes it the most popular film starring a reggaeton artist, beating out projects from Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam and Hector El Father.

In a phone interview, Billboard talked to Aparicio about Que León, premiering in the U.S. and Latin America on Jan. 25.  

Que León has been such a hit in the Caribbean -- what or who do you owe all its success to?

Its production value. The film is high quality. It was very well-written and filmed, and it has good photography. The talents too -- Raymond Pozo, Miguel Cespedes, Jorge Pabon “El Molusco,” who has a huge following in Puerto Rico; Clarissa and Ozuna also have a huge international reach. The story is good, it has comedy and it’s family-friendly. It’s a good combination, which is why everyone leaves the theater happy.

Will the movie premiere all across the United States?

No, but it’s the first Caribbean film with a lot of showings, in 70 theaters. It will premiere in 16 states and 35 cities, including Boston, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, California and Las Vegas.

What can you share with us about Que León 2?

Right now I can’t say much, but it will have the same cast as the first movie. We already know the story we want to tell and are writing the script. The sequel is already in the works!

Considering the movie is all the rage in the Caribbean, what expectations do you have for the U.S. and Latin America?

Our expectations are very big. It’s a movie that was made with a lot of love and effort. All of the talents jumped onboard the sequel because they are attached to the project. We have huge expectations because it has a lot of potential. In fact, the film was made for Puerto Ricans and Dominicans living in the U.S.

What else do you want movie lovers to know ahead of the U.S. release?

You can already pre-order your movie tickets on Fandango. We’re also going to kick off a promotion so that fans in New York and Miami can have a meet-and-greet with the talent.

Watch the Que León trailer below.