A.CHAL Details Peruvian Culture in 'Growing Up Latino' Episode

Growing Up Latino is back, and the first episode of 2019 features rising star A.CHAL, who details how his life has been in the United States after leaving Peru at the age of 5 with his parents.

The singer relates that the clash of cultures upon arriving in New York City was hard work to overcome, but with the help of his English teacher, he managed to get ahead. A.CHAL is very proud of belonging to both cultures, and his music is a reflection of that.

A.CHAL also talks about how his neighborhood had Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and Colombians living in it. "Not everyone knew what Peruvian was," he said.

As for food? One traditional Peruvian dish is chaufa rice, which is comparable to fried rice. Ceviche is also very popular, he says.

Finally, a tradition that A.CHAL will pass to his children is to spend holidays together and eat together every Sunday after church.

Watch A.CHAL’s Growing Up Latino episode above to hear about all of this and more.