Leslie Grace's 7 Most-Watched Music Videos

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Courtesy Photo
Leslie Grace in the video for "Dulce"

“Where did the time go?” Leslie Grace wondered in a recent #TBT in reflection of her 24th birthday on Monday (Jan. 7).

The Dominican-American singer kicked off her big day by posting a photo of her with a smile from ear-to-ear. “Going into year 24 smiling about the simple things,” she noted in the caption, adding that the perfect gift is some ice cream and a good song.

In true Capricorn fashion, Grace is a self-disciplined and hard-working boss babe who has blessed us with some wonderful bops since she launched her music career 10 years ago. Now, Billboard Latin is celebrating Leslie’s 24th birthday with seven of her most-watched music videos on YouTube.

Check them out below.

Leslie Grace, Noriel - “Duro y Suave," 260m+ views

Mau & Ricky, Karol G - “Mi Mala (Remix)” ft. Becky G, Leslie Grace, Lali, 154m+ views

Leslie Grace, Becky G, CNCO - “Diganle (Remix)," 138m+ views

Leslie Grace, Becky G - “Diganle," 118m+ views

Super Junior - “Lo Siento” ft. Leslie Grace, 48m+ views

Leslie Grace, Farina - “De Lunes a Jueves," 14m+ views

Leslie Grace, Wisin - “Dulce," 12m+ views