Nicky Jam Is Honored With His Very Own Mural in Miami

Nicky Jam
Paul Bergen/Redferns

Nicky Jam performs in Amsterdam, Netherlands on June 1, 2018. 

While some fans are binge-watching the new Nicky Jam series on Netflix, others are out on the streets making art in tribute to the Latin superstar.

In honor of his career in music and more, Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot honored Nicky with his very own mural in Miami Beach during Art Basel week. Artist Domingo Zapata was in charge of painting the masterpiece that’s located outside a building on 17th Street and Collins Avenue.

Earlier this month, the Puerto Rican singer, who’s a brand ambassador of Hublot, launched his watch collection, Big Band Meca-10 Nicky Jam, in three versions, according to Haute Living. Now the brand has gone all out with a special mural dedicated to the singer.

On Monday (Dec. 10), Nicky shared a photo in front of his mural, stating on Instagram: “Thank you for this detail. God bless you, very grateful." 

Check out his mural below, followed by four other works of street art dedicated to Latin artists.

NICKY JAM - mural in Miami Beach


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CAMILA CABELLO - mural in Miami

DADDY YANKEE - mural in Italy


Daddy Yankee "EL GUERRERO" #graffiti By @joritagoch Napoli-Italia ----

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A year ago during a podcast I told the good people at @decoloresco I wanted to paint a mural of Selena in Oak Cliff and preferably off Jefferson. They told me, don’t worry, we’ll find you a wall. A year later they reached back out asking if I still wanted to do the mural. “Uh, yeah! Of course.” “How much would you charge?” They asked. “Nothing” “Nothing?!?” They responded. “Yup, nothing.” It was important to me to give my time and skillset as a gift to a people who do nothing but give. This community is beautiful, and so rich in history, I wanted to give them something back instead of the trend of gentrification that’s taking so much from the area. Oak Cliff, this is my gift to you! The mural is located on the side of Top Ten Records at Jefferson and Bishop. Go check it out. Take pictures. Tag me. --: @lorettagonzalez

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CELIA CRUZ - mural in New York


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