Wisin & Yandel Compare Their Favorite Movies, Musical Duos & More

Wisin & Yandel
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Wisin & Yandel 

In 2013, reggaetón duo Wisin & Yandel went on hiatus to launch solo careers; this year, they reunited. Come Dec. 14, the pair will release their new album, Los Campeones del Pueblo (The Big Leagues), with the Como Antes (Like Before) World Tour continuing into 2019 after eight sold-out dates at Puerto Rico’s coliseum.

While Wisin (born Juan Luis Morera Luna), 39, and Yandel (born Llandel Veguilla Malavé), 41, are partners, they have plenty of differences. Read below to learn all about them.

Where do you live?

Wisin: Puerto Rico, in the town of Cayey.

Yandel: Orlando [Fla.], but I have three homes in Puerto Rico. I come and go.

Favorite city to play?

Wisin: I love Miami. The climate reminds me of home, and every time we play there, we find every nationality. It’s a very diverse place.

Yandel: Puerto Rico is my favorite place to sing to my people. But I love playing New York in the winter; everything moves fast. I love the adrenaline.

Go-to drink during a show?

Winsin: Milk and ginger.

Yandel: Red Gatorade.

Best musical duo?

Wisin: Sin Bandera. And among reggaetón duos, Baby Rasta & Gringo, Zion & Lennox.

Yandel: Plan B and Rakim & Ken-Y. Each one has contributed to the genre.

Best movie?

Wisin: The Lord of the Rings.

Yandel: Avatar.

Favorite song to perform?

Wisin: "Rakata" and "Pam Pam." Those two songs have old energy; it’s that reggaetón that makes you dance.

Yandel: "Algo Me Gusta de Ti." We finish the show with that song, and people go nuts.

This article originally appeared in the Dec. 8 issue of Billboard.