Wisin & Yandel Talk Favorite Food, Music & 'Chancletazos' in 'Growing Up Latino' Episode

Wisin & Yandel are back, and they've got stories to tell in Billboard's newest episode of Growing Up Latino.

The duo grew up in the center of Puerto Rico, specifically between the mountains in the town of Cayey. After growing up in a country where the first language is Spanish, both artists admit that they had no idea what their favorite English-language songs meant. "It's complicated, Americans sings really fast," said Yandel. Wisin added, "They probably hear me rap and say: what the hell is this guy saying?"

Importantly, Wisin is the king of chancletazos (getting hit with a flip flop) at school, at the doctor and at home, while Yandel was a very quiet boy.

As for the song that best describes Puerto Rico, both sang "Verde Luz" by Antonio Caban Vale and "Pinta Tu Vida," a jingle from a brand of paintings that Puerto Ricans adopted. Finally, the list of Wisin & Yandel's favorite foods includes rice, beans, mofongo, sweet plantains, avocado and pork.

Watch Wisin & Yandel’s full Growing Up Latino episode above.